Posted by: malia | November 27, 2008

wandering minds

again from kwizgiver.

Ever fight in a church?

When was the last time someone said you were hot?
one of my kids asked me if i was hot. but then again, we all were.

When did you last lie with a straight face?
i don’t lie. 😀

i guess that’s not a straight face, is it? heeheehee.

What is the most money you have spent on a gift?

Ever taken pics you regret?
hmmm. taken with my camera? or taken, as in posed for? i don’t think i’ve taken one with a camera that i regret…i don’t do that sneakingly, so it’s not something i regret later.

Would you rather live in the country, city, or suburbs?
hmmm. they all have their good points. i guess more cityish.

Last time you were truly in love?

Ever take money from a stranger?

Who is on your mind right now?

Do you think piercings are sexy?

Who did you last curse at?
i don’t curse.

Where did you graduate from?
high school, then college, twice.

Do you like your job?
*sigh* some parts.

What is you’re heritage?
i don’t know. what is “you are heritage?” mean?

What is you’re favorite kind of music?
i’m not a favorite kind of music.

Are you healthy or do you have medical problems?
i’m a big problem.

What was the last Youtube video you watched?
ugh. my sister found a video with her kids in it. *very* embarrassed by it.

Do you have any ridiculous fears?
oh yes.

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever seen on the internet?
ewww…i’m trying to erase it from my memory.

What should you be doing right now?
getting ready.

What is your favorite thing to spend money on?
my son.

Do you regret doing anything over the last week?
doing anything over? ummm…i don’t know?

If you could have any type superpower what would it be?
i’d like to fly, or be able to transport myself to places.

Who will be the next president of the United States?
is this a trick question?

When did you last have a great kiss?
great, as in how?

What was the last thing you purchased?
cookies for a fundraiser.

What are your current goals?
finish the year.

Ever see the 2 girls 1 cup video?

What so far is the single best moment of your life?
my son. i don’t think that can be topped, honestly.

Do you watch the olympics?
some parts.

What do you do to try and help the environment?

What is your most favorite meal in the world?
steak! mmmmmmmmmmmm…

What do you think of guys that wear pink shirts?
nothing. what’s wrong with that?

What is your favorite breed of dog?
oh these change as i hear new stories or see new pictures of dogs.

Is there a celebrity that you dont understand why they’re famous?
i have to agree with kwizgiver, paris hilton.

Do you dislike any celebrities?

What do you think of dating someone you meet on the internet?
nothing wrong with that.

Do you return purchases back to the store often?

Is there any TV shows you wish were still on the air?
the mole. whose line. a whole bunch of others.

What is your favorite smell?

How do you feel about the cost of college tuition?
i wish it could be free to give more people the opportunity to learn.

What hobby would people be suprised that you enjoy?
i don’t know.

In the last year have you learned or improved on any skills?
yes, you kinda have to, with my job.

Are there “friends” in your life that you wish werent in your life?

Is there any accent that you find sexy?

Do you prefer yellow or white gold?
white, i guess. i like silvery colors.

Do you know what your birth flower is?
yes, but i’m not sure what it looks like.

Would others say you are open minded?
i think so.

Do you honestly consider yourself a good friend?
probably not.

Are you looking forward to anything that is happening in the next 24 hours?

Have you ever set up friends and they ended up together long term?
hmmm. no.

If you could have any person in the room with you right now who would it be?

What were you doing right before you started this?
gathering things for my appetizer.


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