Posted by: malia | November 25, 2008

dreaming of you

seen here.

1. What did you dream about last night?

funny, because i just wrote about this on the other blog this morning. but i guess because i went to bed after reading my twitter stream and getting irritated by a few people, who just don’t know how lucky they are, yet they grumble so…that i dreamt i actually was hanging out with one of them. i was out shopping with this person, and she was complaining about this and that. every single thing she grumbled about and i just stood there quietly, listening, but not really agreeing or disagreeing. i think i was kinda in shock. and then she said that we have to meet another person who’s also in my twitter stream, and we sat down to lunch in this sort of cafe setting and this other person came up and he sat down, and then he started grumbling, too. and i was sitting there thinking wow. i didn’t say a word, just looked back and forth between the two of them who were going on and on and ON about something or another, even though they weren’t really talking to each other (at least, not responding to each other–heee, even in my dreams!) just kinda spouting off randomly, and i was in the middle, and i wanted to yell “STOP IT!” but i just sat there. then i woke up. weird.

even more weirder? i logged on immediately afterwards to blog about it! heeheehee. 😛

2. Do you often have nightmares?

no, not often. but they do pop up in unexpected times!

3. Do you have any special talents?

no, i don’t think so.

4. Who is the most talent person that you know?


5. What did you watch on TV last?

gosh i don’t remember. oh, no, i saw a bit of the volleyball game over the weekend.

6. Is there a new TV show that you would recommend?

hmmm…i don’t know if any are “new”…i did like samantha who? but i haven’t seen the new season to know if it’s any good. i liked pushing daisies, but only actually saw like the first two or three. i heard it wasn’t renewed after this past season. junk.

7. Who was the last person you phoned and why?

i returned a call i got sitting in a meeting today. made it go straight to voice mail. afterwards, i listened to the voice mail, found out it was my dr, and then called back. however, i got *his* voice mail. so i left a msg, letting him know i was returning his call. and the game of phone tag begins.

8. Who was the last person who phoned you and why?

well, that would be the aforementioned dr! 😀 and i guess it’s to make an appt to see him.

9. What was the last snail mail letter that you received?

it was from the boy’s school’s atp reps, asking for donations.


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