Posted by: malia | November 21, 2008

Friday 5 for November 21: How?

finally caught up! phew! only took me 21 days, with a few off in between. 😳

How’s your health?

it’s been better.

How was your day?

oh my gosh. what a day today. i felt so guilty. i made the class cry. and not just sniff-sniff type cry, but actually sobbing type cry. i am the meanest person in the world. 😥

How’s the weather?

it’s supposed to rain…so i’m just waiting for that. it was supposed to rain from last night, but now i hear it’s going to hit tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning.

How do you expect to get anywhere in life with an attitude like that?



How many people made you smile today?

well, in spite of the day, those little dickens did make me smile a bit today.

from friday5.


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