Posted by: malia | November 18, 2008

Friday 5 for August 1: Before Your Time

Of television programs that aired before you were born, what’s your favorite?

i grew up watching a lot of leave it to beaver because that was my dad’s favorite show. whenever there was a rerun on, we had to watch it because he pretty much controlled the tv 😉 i’ve also seen quite a bit of the donna reed show, same reason. but the shows i really loved were bewitched and i dream of jeannie. something about being magic always interested me. i wanted desperately to be able to twitch my nose or blink my eyes and get my wish.

What person of historical significance was from your neighborhood or city?

gosh i’m so bad at history. i have no idea. a lot of the ali’i went to royal school which is not far from where i grew up, but i’m not sure they were all living in the area.

What’s a story that’s often been told about someone in your family in the years before you came along?

there are a lot of stories about my uncle, who was a real rascal growing up. but being the first-born (and only) son of the first-born son of my great-grandparents made him “special” and so i think he had a lot of pressure from that. heeee, look at me, psychoanalyzing. 😉

Which of previous generations’ dumb mistakes (in deed or thought) baffles you the most?

well i guess people would disagree with me, but i often wonder what made someone decide to light a plant on fire and inhale the smoke from it? and i don’t know why, even with all the evidence of how it causes cancer (and causes other people cancer, as well) and makes one stinky and such, not to mention the cost of it, that people still do that. weird.

What aspect of life in the good old days would you love to see a return to?

hmmm. discipline, maybe. i think people thought they were too strict back then, but i think we’re not strict enough now. kids (and i’m meaning even people in my generation) are ruder, entitled, and disrespectful. i’d like it better if kids were taught to respect and mind authority, as it was before that generation rebelled.

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