Posted by: malia | November 7, 2008

Friday 5 for September 19: Animals

What’s the cutest of the small, furry animals?

a chinchilla. they are so cute. how can anyone think of cutting them all up to make a fur coat?

What predator impresses you the most?

not sure how much of a predator they are, because i think more things eat *it* but the octopus is a very intelligent creature. watch it build traps for its prey and figure out how to open jars to get its food inside–very fascinating.

After which animal will you name your professional sports team?

well, miami already took my name 😦

What’s an unusual animal that you know a little something about?

nudibranchs? a lot of the ocean creatures are pretty unusual, and i know a little something about them, having wanted to go into marine biology when i was in college.

Your high school probably had some kind of mascot or symbol, but based on your memories of it, what animal should REALLY have been the emblem?

probably a puhi or something 😉

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