Posted by: malia | November 6, 2008

Friday5 for September 26: Hacked!

When did someone last break something of yours?

my faith in doctors was broken recently.

When did you last play hackysack, if ever?

i pretended i did. in my mind 🙂

What was your most dramatic haircut like?

i was in 8th grade when i hacked my hair off to emulate a certain rock star. i had long, plain hair before, and then i cut it all layered and short. i thought it was cool but when i went back to school i was told constantly how ugly i looked. people sure were very candid! 😛

Hacking is basically breaking through the security that protects a computer or a website. What’s the closest you’ve come to doing something similar in real life?

the closest i can think of is this guy i dated who had a secret life that i had to uncover doing some searching on the internet. i was able to uncover enough that he doesn’t feel safe around me any more and hasn’t contacted me in a while 🙂 i wasn’t able to get in with direct questions, so i had to find another way to get around that 😛

In the world of stand-up comedy, a hack is a comic who steals jokes from other comics. Have you ever known a hack in your own field?

people will probably think *i’m* the hack. i take a lot of my coworkers’ ideas. 😳


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