Posted by: malia | November 4, 2008

Friday5 for October 10: Ties That Bind

“My hands are tied” is an English-language cliche that means “I’d like to do something about this unfortunate situation, but I don’t have the ability or authority.” In what current situation do you feel your hands are tied?

there are so many things i’d like to help on but can’t because of time or money. i’d love to help out my students who can’t afford things, but i’m barely able to afford those things myself. *sigh*

Railroad ties are the evenly-spaced slats that lie perpendicular to train tracks and whose function is to hold the tracks in place and to distribute the weight of the train. Who are the railroad ties in your life?

my mom. 😀 i’ve gone into this before.

What are your feelings about Thai food?

i’ve never tried thai food.

Whose thighs do you admire?

heh, my grandma once told me i had nice thighs. then she said i had equally nice knees. i couldn’t understand why she was looking in that area, though? but i told her it was from years of dancing. i guess that’s why i admire the pro dancers’ bodies on dancing with the stars. i want a body like that, thighs included!

A red tide is a proliferation (in ideal circumstances) of oceanic algae that often seem to discolor seawater and threaten other sealife. If the ocean is your life and the algae the harmful attitudes, thoughts, or moods that crowd out the good stuff, under what conditions in your life is red tide most likely to become a problem?

my ocean is always red.

from friday5.


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