Posted by: malia | November 2, 2008

Friday5 for October 24: Where, Oh Where?

Where’s your favorite beach?

my favorite beach is on the island of kaua’i in hanalei. it is so beautiful, scenicwise. when talking about a beach that’s beautiful because of the memories there, that would be in kīhei, maui. i donʻt think it was the “mai poina ʻoe iaʻu” beach, though that name would totally fit. it might have been one of the kamaʻole beaches, which, sadly enough, makes the name totally fit as well.

Where’s your favorite place to spend money?

online. 😳 i do a lot on or amazon. but you’ll also see me at borders a lot. and i don’t know what it’s my favorite, but walmart tends to get a lot of my $ when it comes time to buy things for my class.

Where’s a good place to watch people?

the airport. this is what i’d love to do on my lunch breaks when i worked at the airport. … sorry, remembering now what it was like to have a lunch break. *sigh* anyway, we’d go down to the gardens and watch the lei greeters greet the people and have their picture taken. sometimes, we’d eat right on the concourse. it’s great to watch the people walk by–some in a rush, some taking in the sights and smells of this place for the first time. it’s very interesting.

Where’s a good place to be totally alone?

this is not good considering my profession, but sometimes i just like to hang out in the classroom all by myself–no kids, no parents, no colleagues. it’s so nice and peaceful in the early a.m. and afternoon. i *should* be doing work, but sometimes…i just like to sit and reflect. but i guess i can’t be *totally* alone. hmmm, i guess that would have to be my own house.

Where’s a place outside of work (or school) where you’re likely to run into people from work (or school)?

it never fails; i always see someone from school at kmart. *always* there has not been one time when i’ve gone to kmart that i’ve *not* heard my name called out. well, actually, once, i did *not* hear my name called out and i thought, wow, that’s the first time i’ve not seen anyone i know! then the next day, a student (a quiet one) came up to me and said he saw me at kmart the day before. i said, really? i didn’t see you. he then explained where i was, and what i was doing, and then mom confirmed that she saw us at kmart, too, and she told him to say hi, but he was too shy. so, yeah, something about kmart.



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