Posted by: malia | November 1, 2008

Friday5: Hues Your Head

Among people you know, who has the greenest thumb?

this would be my grandma. she is just exceptional at nursing plants back to health so they thrive again. heeee. not that she’s done this for me once. more like 5 or 6 times 😳

my grandma had a small house with a huge, huge yard, and one of my fondest memories of childhood was playing in that huge yard with my cousins: looking for those little bugs to feed matilda, catching grasshoppers and preying mantises, the badminton and croquet games, climbing the mango tree, and hiding in the bushes from the boys when they were shooting us with their water guns. but most of all, it was the *smell*. she had gardenia plants growing all along one side of the house, and starting from april and all through the summer, they’d bloom and perfume the air with its floral scent. she had so many, and its fragrance overpowered you when you walked on that side of the house. she always gave me the clippers to cut a few buds to take home, and i’d put them in a little cup on the kitchen table. i cannot smell gardenias without thinking of grandma; they’re so strongly attached to each other. i remember picking pomegranates off the tree and cracking them open. we’d all huddle around the broken shells, popping out the seeds and holding them between our fingers as our teeth snapped into them, letting out the juice which dribbled all down our lips, chins, and fingers. yum! on the other side, she had pakalana growing along her fence, and she always had pakalana lei for someone when it was a special occasion. and in the back, there was her huge plumeria tree, which we’d raid whenever we needed to make a lei for hula. or even when it wasn’t for hula, i’d always look for a blossom that had fallen off (i always felt so guilty about picking them when they could’ve lived some more) that still looked nice, and put it behind my ear, with my aunty teasing me about whether it was a left ear or right ear flower, and my grandma’s stern warnings of “did you wash your hands? you better wash your hands bumbai you get sick from the milk!” ahhh, those were the days. my grandma no longer lives there, since the landlord had passed away and his son took over, and then tripled her rent. she could no longer afford to live there, so she lives in a small little apartment now. but her lanai is still filled with flowers and plants (admittedly, a few of them were mine 😳 ), and they still bloom so fervently from her loving, magical touch.

whoops. okay, drifting off the question. er, yes, my grandma has the greenest thumb.

Among people you know, who has the bluest blood?

i really don’t know. we’re all pretty commonfolk here. maybe it would be a professor i had at the university…

eta: okay after thinking about it some, i’d have to say my aunty’s mom is very regal. just the way she carries herself–i don’t know, maybe she does have some royalty on her side, but she walks with this presence, and she is just … you know they’re rich, as soon as you see them. but even so, they’re like one of the most kindest, most generous people i have ever known. seriously.

Among people you know, who has the yellowest belly?

probably me. well…my sister might be worse than me. really, we’re all a bunch of cowards. but when i hear that term, i am reminded of some sort of cartoon, was it? where they were looking for a yellow belly something sucker? sapsucker? seersucker? hmm…

Among people you know, who has the blackest heart?

i can’t hear that term without thinking of joan jett. she was my idol when i was a teenager. i even had my hair cut like hers, and while i thought it was cool, you don’t know how many people told me how ugly i looked. even a teacher told me that! *sigh* oh well. the other thing i think of is snow white’s stepmother. was it her that had the black heart? well. there are several people i could think of but i don’t really want to name them here. not worth it.

Among people you know, who is the most silver-tongued?

gosh. i have no idea. i guess one of my old classmates who is now starring in broadway shows? i’ll have to come back and think of this one. right now i’ve got to get going! ack!

eta: i still can’t think of one. maybe a former colleague of mine. i think he would make a good politician by the way he speaks. too bad his heart is too big to be one. *snicker*

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