Posted by: malia | April 6, 2008

Friday5: Pancakes

Where can you get some really good pancakes?

i’m not a big pancake eater, so i wouldn’t know? i don’t think i’ve ever eaten pancakes except the ones my mom makes.

How do you like your pancakes?

i can eat them plain, which grosses out my sisters.

What’s your theory on why restaurant waffles are so much more expensive than pancakes?

they charge per groove?

The pancake chef is going whip up a batch of the most interesting, creative pancake invention you can imagine. What will you order?

i have no idea. i guess anything you can make with the pancakes! like my son likes those alien pancakes at denny’s. be creative with the presentation and i may not care what it tastes like.

When was the last time someone made you pancakes, not counting visits to restaurants?

my mom made pancakes the other week. she makes it every time a whole bunch of us sleeps over.

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