Posted by: malia | March 7, 2008

Friday5: What It’s Like

What is your keyring like?

crowded! i have my school keys (lots), my house keys, my car keys, and an extra set of my mom’s home keys all on the same set of key rings. the key rings include a little keychain that says “anything boys can do girls do better!” 😛 i also have a make-your-own keychain with 2 of my favorite guys on it 🙂 i have a clip-on pen, a beaded dolphin trinket thing from one of my students, my badgeholder, and one of those clippie things (i have no idea what they’re called). yes, very crowded, but it jingles nicely!

What is your purse/bag/briefcase like?

my purse is huge and contains a lot of junk. everyone who lifts it (like when passing it to me) always exclaims “gee! what do you have in there?!??! it weighs a ton!” well phbbbbt to you. 😛 i just have all the major stuff you need — wallet, brush, phone, kleenex, hand sanitizer, wipes, lip gloss, sunscreen, ds, tictacs, scissors, and pens of every variety. plus you need to hold stuff that mommies do. so it’s gotta be nice and big and roomy.

What is your wallet like?

my wallet’s a mess. i clean it out every month. still, it was embarrassing when once i took it out to pay for something for my son’s baseball thing and one of the moms commented, “you need to clean that wallet out, or i’ll do it. and if you think i’m kidding, i’m not! if that’s not clean the next time i see you, i will clean it for you.” sheesh! but it’s a hodgepodge of receipts and appointment cards and reminders and pictures. hardly any money, though. 😦

What is your mousepad like?

i don’t have a mousepad! 😦 i used to have this real cool one, though, that was those hypercolor things, that was popular in the 80s, or 90s, whenever that was. i loved that one. i have no idea where it is now, though. i think it must still be at my mom’s.

What are the curtains in your bedroom like?

i don’t have curtains, actually; i have blinds. they’re white, and i think that’s regulation. when i was growing up, my mom made our curtains, and i had these pretty lacey white curtains. i loved the way they blew in the breeze and the shadows it cast upon the walls. (yes, i spent many an afternoon just staring at curtains. i lead such an interesting life! :/ )

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