Posted by: malia | February 29, 2008

Friday5: Learning

How and when did you learn to swim?

i didn’t know how to swim for a long time. my dad didn’t like the beach and since he was the only person who could drive, we rarely went to one. we didn’t live near a pool, either, so there were no opportunities to swim even if we wanted to (and i know, i know, it is an island. but my dad really didn’t like the beach). i probably still wouldn’t have learned how to swim (both my sisters still don’t know how) but i had to learn for school, where there’s a requirement for swimming. when it was painfully obvious i didn’t know how to swim while the rest of my classmates took off, it was suggested i take swimming lessons. so i made my mom sign me up for lessons at the downtown y. it was every saturday for a few months, and i was the only one who wasn’t 5 or 6 years old in that class. soooooo embarrassing. i didn’t do too well, either. i still don’t know how to tread water!

How and when did you learn to drive?

my dad taught me how to drive when i was 16. he would let me drive to school (since the car had to be moved from the street, due to a no parking zone during morning rushhour traffic). however, i did not get my license until i was 21, mostly because i hardly got to practice parking and all of that–most of it was just drive, then jump out, and then he took the car. he all of a sudden pushed me to get my license (crash course in driving/parking) when i was 21, which i thought was funny. we found out later though that he had been planning on leaving my mother for another woman, yet he felt guilty that if he left, we’d all be stuck, because he was the only driver in the family. so his pushing me to get my license was just so that it would free him to leave, and not feel guilty that we’d all never be able to go anywhere that wasn’t on a bus route.

How and when did you learn to tie your shoelaces?

i don’t remember this!!! i guess it must’ve been in elementary school, and i guess my mom must’ve taught me how! but i never had shoelaces, i hated wearing shoes. i liked clogs, jellys, slippers. if i did wear shoes, it was “kung fu shoes” or moccasins. i think i learned how to tie from the ribbons for my hair or on my dress. so yes, must’ve been my mom who taught me that.

How and when did you learn to cook?

i always liked cooking. my mom would’ve probably taught me, and i would say i was…oh, 8 or so. i was more a baker, though. but i remember in intermediate like making spaghetti sauce (from tomato sauce/paste, not prego from a jar) and things like that. by the time we graduated high school, we were expected to cook a dinner for the whole family one night a week. by that time i moved more towards cooking than baking. these days i do far more cooking than baking.

How and when did you learn to type?

i learned how to type from a typing class i took my sophomore year in high school. it was the typical a a a a s s s s d d d d f f f f asdf asdf asfd asdf type class. but it was fun 😛 so i took typing 2 in my junior year, and that’s when i learned to really fly the fingers 😛 after junior year, i had started my first job in an office so i got lots of practice typing, and i think i got up to over 90wpm 😛 right now i can at least type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts so that’s good enough for me! 😀

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