Posted by: malia | February 15, 2008

Friday5: Halls of Fame

A Community Service Hall of Fame has just been established in Kinder Crossing, Arizona! Who in your life will be the first to get in?

i think that would be a colleague of mine. there’s all we do for our job, plus she goes out and does those cleanup things, organizes community rallies, always attends community meetings. she’s great.

Looks like they’re breaking ground this week on Hazard Point, Maryland for the Crazy Driver Hall of Fame! Who in your life will be the first to get in?

my sister is pretty crazy. she’s already gotten into two accidents where the vehicle she was driving got smashed up pretty bad. but i do know a colleague who drives with her thighs because she’s busy eating as she drives home (who has time for lunch?). she’s been caught speeding like 80 in a 45 zone, but she always gets off because she’s cute and flirty.

Due to the avalanche of complaint letters we’ve received, we are founding the Complainers Hall of Fame and locating it in Gripe County, New Mexico. Who in your life should be enshrined first?

that would be me, probably! well, it depends who i’m with. i don’t grumble to just anybody. like some do. i’d say a lot of the parents fall in this category :/ ummm but in my life…i’d say maybe my aunty.

Clutter Point, Texas seems to be a good place for the Packrat Hall of Fame. Whom would you like to nominate for induction?

heehee a couple of my colleagues again. they’re pretty bad, worse than me!

The good folks in Mellow Creek, Alabama have raised enough money finally to open the doors to the Unstressed Hall of Fame. Who in your life is likely to cruise on into its hallowed halls as the first honoree?

hmm i don’t know anybody who doesn’t have some sort of stress. i don’t think even the newest members of our family would get that award, because it must be distressing when they can’t be fed because mom went back to work. hmmm. probably the dog. heeheehee.

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