Posted by: malia | January 12, 2008

load of questions meme

seen here.

110. My middle name is actually two names, one is my grandma’s name, reflecting one ethnicity, and the other is for another ethnicity, though i don’t know where it’s from.
109. I was born in a hospital in honolulu.
108. I am really flabbergasted right now.
107. My phone is the biggest expense i’ve had for quite some time.
106. My eye color is brown.
105. My favorite colors are blue and red.
104. My ring size is 6 1/2 or 7, around there. i think.
103. My height is pretty short.
102. I am allergic to nothing, i think? dust makes me sneeze a lot, though, but i guess it could make anyone sneeze a lot.
101. I was born on a friday. yes, i’m a friday’s girl 🙂
100. I am annoyed by rude people.
99. Last book you read? math appeal.
98. My bed is… falling apart!
97. One thing you hate about yourself? me
96. My favorite holiday is kamehameha day–that means it’s summer break! yippee!
95. The perfect kiss is heavenly.
94. The last three CDs I bought were children’s songs CDs that came with books. down by the bay, b-i-n-g-o, old macdonald…there was another one but i can’t remember it, plus this question only said 3, so 😛
93. Are you living at home? where else would i live?
92. Are your parents divorced? yes.
91. What did you do yesterday? i went to work–first day back. boo! spent the first half of the day running around trying to get budget stuff done. bleah. then spent the second half of the day picking raisins out of a trail mix snack i brought because i was just so unmotivated to work by then.

Do you believe in…

90. Love at first sight? no.
89. Luck? hmmm. some people do have all the luck. hmm. maybe.
88. Fate? the kind where “we were always meant to be together!” type of thing? no.
87. Yourself? i’m not make-believe.
86. Aliens? there must be something else out there?
85. Heaven? yes.
84. Hell? yes.
83. Ghosts? yes.
82. Horoscopes? no, but i like to read them for fun.
81. Soulmates? no.

Which is Better?

80. Hugs or Kisses? depends on who’s the giver!
79. Drunk or High? neither. well, i’ve never been either but still, they’re both not good.
78. Phone or Online? online.
77. Red heads or Black hair? black.
76. Blondes or Brunettes? brunettes.
75. Hot or cold? the warmer side of cold.
74. Summer or winter? summer.
73. Chocolate or vanilla? vanilla.
72. Night or Day? night.
71. Oranges or Apples? oranges.
70. Curly or Straight hair? straight.

Here’s What I Think About…

69. Abortion: it’s your own decision.
68. Backstabbers: rotten.
67. Parents: most mean well, but i think are too overprotective.

When did you last…

66. Hug someone? yesterday.
65. Kiss someone? yesterday.
64. See someone? yesterday.
63. Cry in front of someone? hmmm. i cried while watching a movie, and there were other people around. does that count?


62. Who is the ditsiest person you know? a colleague of mine.
61. Who makes you laugh the most? kids say the darndest things.
60. The last movie you saw in theaters? the legend of the waterhorse.
59. What I don’t understand is…what makes people act the way they do in public?
58. The most unsatisfactory answer I’ve ever received is…“so?”
57. Something I will really miss when I leave home is…that i have something my own.
56. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most…is spring break.
55. The thing that I’m not looking forward to is…assessments and report cards.
54. Tomorrow: i have a birthday party to go to for a child i didn’t even know existed until a week ago.
53. Today: i feel soooo lazy.
52. Next Summer: i’m going to put my feelers out there.
51. This Weekend: is the last weekend of break! wah!
50. People call me…when they need something.
49. The most difficult thing to do is…get out of bed on a chilly morning.
48. I have gotten a speeding ticket…once. i was rushing home from our students’ speech contest one night because i was about to explode, when i got pulled over. gosh, that was so expensive!
47. The first person I talked to today was…no one yet.
46. First time I had a crush…was in 5th grade? i think?
45. The one person from whom I can’t hide things: doesn’t exist.
44. Last time someone said what you were thinking: was yesterday, talking with a colleague.
43. Right now I am talking to…myself?
42. What is your dream job? housewife
41. First job? student clerk.
40. I want most: a happy family.
39. I wish: people would be a lot nicer.
38. The worst sound in the world is…wailing.
37. The person that makes me cry the most: is probably myself.
36. Best sound in the world: is a child’s laughter.
35. Person[s] who makes you happy: family, friends, my kids.
34. Cats or dogs? dogs.
33. Didn’t want to be…a single mom. the single part, at least. i love the mom part 🙂
32. Which Golden Girl would you be? i can play rose but i’d probably be dorothy.
31. MySpace or Facebook: i haven’t tried either.
30. Mexican food or Chinese? hmm. they’re both good. i’m craving beef broccoli right now…but oddly enough, i’m also craving some taco bell taco supremes. *sigh* decisions…
29. My favorite piece of clothing: this long, flowy skirt i have. i love twirling around when i wear it.
28. My favorite color(s): are still red and blue.
27. Last time I cried: yesterday.
26. My friends are…really busy.
25. My computer is…essential.
24. Last person at whom I got mad: was the transportation department at my son’s school.
23. Person on whom I secretly crush: will not be a secret if i say!
22. Favorite Song: i’ve been playing “with you” a lot lately. wooo. just reread that. heh. 😉
21. Paper or plastic? depends.
20. The all-time best movie(s) I’ve seen? wow. i don’t think i know?
19. The all-time best feeling in the world is…heh.
18. Favorite scent: pikake.
17. What color is your hairbrush?i have a blue one and a black one.
16. Favorite shoes: my slippers.
15. I lose all respect for people who…grumble about every little thing to customer service.
14. Color of your room? white.
13. TV channels you watch: i hardly watch now–usually food network or animal planet, discovery, and sometimes disney. and abcfamily when they used to show whose line.
12. Best feature: i haven’t watched many to choose a “best.”
11. Worst habit: procrastinating.
10. The worst pain I was ever in was…labor, physically. emotionally, when my mom was in the hospital.
9. Best memory: was seeing my baby for the very first time.
8. Favorite TV show: would be whose line, i guess, though they don’t have it any more.
7. My favorite celebrity couple is…brangelina.
6. Favorite stuffed animal: for a long time was my unicorn.
5. My weakness is…babies.
4. What I like about the opposite sex is…when they *really* care for you, they want so much to protect you and fix everything wrong in your life. they make you feel safe and secure. what i don’t like is how quickly they can stop caring for you and find some other young thing to care about instead.
3. Who broke your heart? see question above. what every man in my life, including my dad, did relating to above question.
2. One thing that makes me feel great is…seeing my son hop off the bus, looking around, then smiling as he spots me, running with his arms wide open to hug me. i know that won’t last forever. by second grade, he’ll be like “whatever.” but for now, i’ll cherish that 🙂 makes me feel wanted and loved 🙂
1. One person that you wish you could see right now? my son.


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