Posted by: malia | January 8, 2008

Friday5: Wrap-Ups

In 2007, who most made you laugh?

in real life? or like on tv? i crack up the most at whose line? in real life, hmm. i guess maybe my son. he’s unintentionally funny, though. every time i tell him he’s so funny he denies it.

In 2007, who most inspired you?

ummmm…this is hard. there’s a few, and in different ways have they given inspiration.

In 2007, who taught you the most?

my kids. i am constantly learning from them.

In 2007, who encouraged you the most?

i’m such a complainer that anyone who ever listens to me tends to have to be encouraging. *blush*

What did you do in 2007 that will have the most positive effect on your 2008?

errr ummm i had to get myself into gear at the ending of last year when i was approached to present something i had no idea about, so i thought, well, i need to brush up on my stuff so i know what i’m talking about. so i read a lot and looked up research and read some more … and i think it will really help me this semester. at least i hope it does. can’t all be for nothing, something must’ve sunk in, huh? 😉

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