Posted by: malia | December 28, 2007

Friday5: Catching Up

yikes, how long did i forget to do these again? i think i was just so burnt out from nablopomo!

Friday5 for December 28: Alphabet Soup

An acronym is an abbreviation formed with the initials (or pieces) of a longer phrase, such as USA (for United States of America) or LASER (for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation).

What is an acronym specific to your workplace or profession? (students who don’t work: What is an acronym specific to your campus or major?)

doe. and we’re actually known for our love of acronyms–nclb, hcps, isped, esis, fuba, iep, lep/fep/nep, ppt, ea, sasa…we’ve got a ton of them.

What is an acronym you use a lot in your personal life?

hmm i don’t know that i use any? i mean aside from scuba and laser…maybe once in a while, i’ll use “tmi” but i don’t use it a lot.

Internet acronyms are unavoidable, but what’s one you particularly despise, and what’s one you particularly like?

gosh i hate hate HATE “LOL”. i just don’t like it. what’s wrong with just typing out what you are saying? like “ha” or “hee” or “ho” or whatever? “lol”…ick. one that i like? hmmm. maybe ones i use and are probably overused–“brb” or “bbl”. brb almost sounds like the words it’s shortening, if the person were mumbling it and walking away from you at the same time. brb.

What acronym could you create right now for some regular annoyance in your life?

pasr. 😀

What would be a memorable or appetizing acronym for your most recent meal? (if your most recent meal was a BLT or SOS or some similarly acronymed food, please choose the next-most recent meal, smart alecks!)

umm. i just had an orange. o? heeheehee j.o. 😀

Friday 5 for December 21: Here in My Car I Feel Safest of All

If money were no concern and LOOKS the only consideration, what car would you get yourself? (pictures for questions like this are always nice!)

i am so not a car person. i don’t know. as long as it’s not boxy-looking…i don’t care for those types of cars. anything else is fine with me.

If money were no concern and YOUR LIFESTYLE the only consideration, what car would you get yourself?

just something really low maintenance and reliable. again, i know nothing about cars. so i don’t want a car that’s going to be expensive to upkeep or cause a lot of problems that i don’t know how to fix. something simple and easygoing is all i want.

What is the best thing about your current car? If you do not own a car, what is the best thing about the car you most often ride in?

i like that it runs. seriously. cars are expensive! i’m just glad mine works.

If cars could be skinned the way cell phones, laptop computers, and iPods can, what would be a really cool skin for your car?

ohhh i looooove skins. i got skins on almost anything i can get skinned (except this laptop, i’d feel guilty covering over the apple). if i could get a skin for my car? hmmm…maybe a turtle? like that cute one on nemo? squirt or something? or something with dolphins, maybe like a wyland painting that’s on one of those buildings, so my car can blend in 🙂

If you were going to decorate a friend’s car with a custom-made skin as a practical joke, whose car would you skin and what would it be?

i really don’t know. i’d get my sister a skin with her dogs on it, but it wouldn’t be as a practical joke. i guess my mind doesn’t really work that way?!?!

Friday 5 for December 14: Sing of Happy

What’s your favorite song about growing up?

hmmm. that cat in the cradle song is kinda sad, but it’s what i think of when you say “growing up”.

What’s your favorite song about cars or driving?

hmm i can only think of “fast car” right now — “remember when we were driving / driving in your car / speeding so fast, felt like i was drunk / city lights lay out before us / and your arm felt niced wrapped ’round my shoulder / and i had a feeling like i belonged / i had a feeling that i could be someone…” i love the guitar on that. other than that, i can only think of “shake it up” by the cars. 😛 oh! wait, didn’t they have a song called “drive”? “who’s gonna take you home?”

What’s your favorite song whose title is a person’s name?

kauanoeanuhea 🙂

What’s your favorite get-up-and-dance song?

i have a lot! there’s quite a few out there where i just can’t sit still when i hear it–i have to get up and start dancing.

What’s your favorite novelty song?

what does this mean?

Friday 5 for December 7: Used to Be My Playground

What playground game do you remember most fondly?

we always played house on the playground 😉 the underneath part of the slide would be our house and we’d always try to “capture” a guy to be our husband, but of course, just ended up irritating the boys who wanted to climb and play and not be a husband. *sigh* some things don’t change, huh?

What playground game did you just hate?

i hated sham battle. i would purposely try to get hit so i could get out of there and sit on the side.

Which playground apparatus did you most enjoy?

i liked those balance beam thingies. especially if they were swervy like snakes. those were fun.

Which playground apparatus did you generally avoid or not care much for?

i had no arm strength to do the monkey bars so i stayed away from those. i also had no arm strength to pull myself up on those jungle gyms so they were just another “house” we could have when playing house, but i never climbed all over it like my monkey of a sister could.

What playground game might be really fun if grownups played it with adult rules?



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