Posted by: malia | November 29, 2007

therapeutic moisturizing lotion

from here.

::Therapeutic Moisturizing Lotion::

Onesome: Therapeutic– household addons: Do you use candles or aroma therapy or bath soaps or salts around your place?

i used to always use candles, when i first moved in here. i just loved the scent, and i loved the glow it gave off. but i haven’t used candles in a long time. i do have those aromatherapy plugins though–they smell really good and are supposed to help with stress and relaxation.

Twosome: Moisturizing?– How’s the weather been? It’s the rainy season in the US; what’s happening where you live?

we just had a storm earlier this week, but today was back to hot weather.

Threesome: Lotion– Since it’s Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s dry skin time (yes, you too, Mark!). Do you have any hand lotion suggestions for the gang?

no. i only use hand lotion that smells good so i can rub it in and smell it all day long. i have no idea how it helps dry skin out, though. i just like its perfume.


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