Posted by: malia | November 26, 2007

mab: random joy

from here.

Random Joy

1. If you had to go back in time and give advice to the first humans that walked the Earth, what would you tell them?

to always be nice to each other. don’t yell, don’t hit, don’t go to war, etc.

2. If you could have one part of your body massaged every day, which would you choose?

it would be nice to get a massage in that area below the neck on your back. on days i have a headache, it would be nice to have my temples massaged instead.

3. Are there any smells that make you feel instantly nostalgic? If so, what are they?

yes, whenever i smell plumeria or pikake, i am instantly taken back to hula days. whenever i smell pakalana, i think of my grandma. whenever i smell maile, i think of graduation or hula. whenever i smell beef stew simmering away, i get a cozy feeling all over, thinking back to small-kid time, whenever it was chilly out. every once in a while, a smell will just hit me–and i can recognize it being from school or my mom’s house or something.

4. If the choice for the legal age of consent in your country was up to you, which age would you deem appropriate?

i don’t know. it’d probably be much higher than most are doing it nowadays! you have sixth graders doing that kinds of stuff now. i’d say wait until they’re out of high school.

5. If you could have known one of your current friends as a child, who would you pick?

i think mel would’ve been a blast to know as a child.


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