Posted by: malia | November 22, 2007

numeros part 2

from here.

…and, start over….

1. Are you afraid of heights?

yes. i can’t even watch others up high. when i would watch my niece climb the jungle gym, i got all woozy and my knees felt weak.

2. What’s your favorite Cyndi Lauper song?

“time after time.” “girls just wanna have fun” was a good, boppy song, but i really liked her slow songs, too. she has such a powerful voice with lots of emotion.

3. What’s your favorite newspaper?

um. midweek, i guess–it’s the only one that’s delivered to my house. otherwise i read online sites.

4. What’s your favorite Broadway musical?

well, the only one i’ve seen, and i don’t even know if it is “broadway”, was the phantom of the opera. i sobbed through the whole thing.

5. What’s your favorite knock-knock joke?

for first time knock-knockers, i like to do the banana/orange one. my dad used to always do that to us. when i was a child a very popular one was “mima.”

6. Do you prefer baths or showers?

showers. i don’t like sitting in bathwater. i used to take baths often as a child, but now it kinda grosses me out.

7. Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

i don’t chew gum at all, but who the heck rechews their gum that has been sitting out? bleah!

8. Who’s your favarite game show host?

well i enjoyed bob barker back in the day but i also had a soft spot for bill cullen. i thought wink martindale and chuck woolery were very handsome, too. and i enjoyed ben stein because he was so smart.

9. Do you like guacamole?

ummm, i guess it’s okay? i’ll eat it if it’s like already on my nachos but i won’t go ahead and choose it if it was just out as dip or something. i prefer tomatoey salsa.

10. Have you ever been in a food fight?

i don’t think so.

11. Have you ever taken a picture in one of those little booths?

yes. we’d do that quite often!

12. What’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line?

wow. hmmm. i can’t recall. i probably blocked it from memory.

13. What’s on the cover of your address book or day planner?

ummm…hair? heehee my address book and day planner are all in my head. i don’t write those kinda stuff down. my school planner has like a typical girly sheet i made with hearts and stuff.


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