Posted by: malia | November 19, 2007

monday’s a b-word

from here.

Home Sweet Home

1.Which room in your home best represents your personality?

hmmm. i guess my bedroom? 🙂 and not in that way!

2.What are your neighbours like?

they all pretty much keep to themselves. i have one though who is constantly parking over the line into my stall. then when i park close to the line (but not over it, mind you! still on my side!), she leaves me nasty notes on my car saying that i parked too close to her. *sigh*

3.What style of home decor suits your taste most(,modern,ect.)?

simple. i don’t care about decor. as long as it’s comfortable and feels like “home.”

4.If money were no object what 3 impractical features would you want your home to include?

impractical? hmmm. maybe a mini-waterfall or something, since trickling water is supposed to be soothing. i’d hate to have to clean it, though, of mold and stuff. maybe a playground on the lanai for the pets. and the last thing…hmmm…scratch-n-sniff wallpaper.

5.What’s your least favourite household chore to do?

cleaning. bleah.


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