Posted by: malia | November 17, 2007

countdown meme

saw it here. don’t know if i did it before–it seems familiar, but i can’t find it in the archives…


Favorite Color: blue.
Favorite Food: steak.
Favorite Month: ooo…hard one. maybe june.
Favorite Song: it switches day to day. whatever happens to be stuck in my head.
Favorite Movie: hmmm. grease.
Favorite Sport: ummm…between volleyball and baseball.
Favorite Season: summer.
Favorite Day of the Week: friday.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: mint chocolate chip.
Favorite Time of Day: mid-morning.


Current Mood: tired.
Current Taste: i totally want a steak.
Current Clothes: a camisole & slip (doing the wash right now).
Current Desktop: picture of my son.
Current Toenail Color: natural. i don’t like painting my toes.
Current Time: 8:56am.
Current Surroundings: bedroom.
Current Thoughts: i wonder where i can get some steak at this time of day?

(um, that’s only 8?)


First Best Friend: teresa.
First Kiss: brian. he caught me by surprise.
First Screen Name: ducky, i think. anyway that was the first one not involving my real name.
First Pet: fish, as a family. but my own personal first pet? an albino mouse.
First Piercing: i got my ears pierced when i was 10. i had always wanted them, but my parents said i had to wait until i was 10. so i was very angry that like a month after i got mine pierced, they let both my sisters get their ears pierced, too! they didn’t have to wait until they were 10! 😡
First Crush: todd.
First CD: oh i have a lot. changes with whatever mood i’m in.

(um that’s only 7?)


Last Cigarette: it would’ve been in my past life.
Last Drink: well i had some water just a few minutes ago.
Last Car Ride: yesterday afternoon. or, if this means i’m riding and not driving…that would be last monday.
Last Kiss: i got a kiss from my son yesterday morning.
Last Movie Seen: i caught bits of the breakfast club on monday.
Last Phone Call: last night, from my son.
Last CD Played: i played the party cd not too long ago.

(okay, are these all off? that’s only 6!)


Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends? no.
Have You Ever Broken the Law: no.
Have You Ever Been Arrested: no.
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: no.
Have You Ever Been on TV: yes.
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: yes. but not passionately kind. just a kiss hello.

(oh okay, this one is 6. hmmm.)


Thing You’re Wearing: errr…i haven’t changed what i was wearing since the currents.
Thing You’ve Done Today: just a batch of laundry so far.
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: birds chirping outside my window.
Thing You Can’t Live Without: family.
Thing You Do When You’re Bored: play games.


ummm…bed. bathroom. lanai. living room.


ummm…well, no one. but i guess i’ll put my mom and my 2 sisters, though they don’t know *everything*.


Black or White: black.
Hot or Cold: cold.

1 THING YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE: see my son be happy and successful in his adult life.


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