Posted by: malia | November 16, 2007

Friday5: So Why Don’t You Slide?

  1. Where is the nearest playground slide?
  2. there is a slide in the park nearby.

  3. What’s something you recently let slide?
  4. one of my kids who hasn’t been bringing her things to school. they lost their house in a fire, so i’ve been letting her go in not doing her work or turning in anything.

  5. Who recently let slide something you did?
  6. hmmm. not sure. maybe our clerk, who didn’t say anything about the money i turned in late because i was waiting for the above student to turn in field trip money before deciding to just pay for it myself! but then my indecision caused me to turn in the money late 😦

  7. Where is the nearest water slide?
  8. about a mile or two from where i live.

  9. When did you last slide down a pole, a rope, or an embankment?
  10. i don’t think i’ve done any of those, thank goodness!



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