Posted by: malia | November 10, 2007

Saturday Six: Episode 185

from here.

1. What was the brand and model (if you remember) of the first computer you remember using?

it was an apple iie. we had a bunch of them in the computer lab at school. oh, no! wait!!! it wasn’t an apple iie that i FIRST used. it was a … radio shack? hmm. all i remember was its disk drive was a cassette recorder thingie. the “disks” were like cassette tapes and you loaded it in the little player thing and pressed play. the screen was just black and white. we used to always play transylvania on it. i can’t remember the brand of it, though, or if i even knew the brand name?!?! it was just “computer.”

2. What year do you remember using a home computer for the first time?

okay, my first home computer was definitely an apple iie. in 7th grade we had those black and white computers in the lab and then in 8th grade, they pushed those to one side and the other side was filled with brand new apple iies, with these strange “floppy disks” that we had to use 😛 but i told my dad about them and was able to convince him to get a computer for home, not only to play games, but so i could type my reports up for school. so he got one. so i was 12 or 13, i guess, when i first used one at home. i played lots of games and practiced my basic programming on that machine 🙂 good memories!

3. Hype aside, which platform do you prefer: Mac or PC?

oh come on. no question there 😀 although i do get irritated that most of the games i like only comes out on PC, i love that i have no headaches with the mac. all my macs i’ve had have been my babies 🙂

4. Take the quiz: Are you a Mac or PC?

You Are a Mac

You are creative, stylish, and super trendy.
You demand the best – even if it costs an arm and a leg.


5. How fair would you consider the quiz to be based on the responses?

not very. i’m not a rich person but i still think i’m more mac than PC. or i don’t know? maybe i am as droll as that pc character on the commercials? but that mac guy doesn’t appear to be very rich and stylish–just an everyday guy.

6. If money were no object, what brand of computer would you most likely purchase?

(okay, computer i’m typing on, cover your eyes!) i would definitely get a new mac book pro (sorry powerbook!) just so i can get the upgrades (lots more hd space, faster processor, etc.) even though i love my current laptop (okay you can open your eyes now) because it has lasted this long and is still doing a wonderful, terrific job. gosh, i feel like those guys who toss aside their trusted wives for a young, hot plaything. 😦



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