Posted by: malia | November 6, 2007


from here.

would you rather…

Be the person next door or the fantasy person that appears unattainable? (explain)

i think life would be so much easier to be the fantasy, even if you appear unattainable. you still get a lot of perks. the way people will bend over backwards to help you or getting things for free. it helps to be beautiful.

Lie to maintain a “goody-goody” rep or not care what people thought about you? (explain)

hmm, i’d *like* to say i don’t care, but i guess i do.

Go back in time to undo your mistakes or deal with the mistakes and learn from it? (explain)

i’d rather go back in time and undo them. life’s too short. i want to go back and get it right so that things are fixed right now. you may not have time later to learn from the mistakes you made.

Be friends with people that make you look good or people that make you appear to have an edge? (explain)

“make you appear to have an edge”? what does that mean? isn’t that the same as someone that makes you look good?

Stay friends with a person that betrays you or break it off and not give her/him another chance? (explain)

i’m the type who won’t give another chance. well, depends on the betrayal, but usually, i’m slow to forgive.

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