Posted by: malia | November 3, 2007

sat8: jobs

from here.

1. what was your worst job? why?

all the jobs i’ve had were pretty good, so i guess if i had to choose the *worse*, it’d be my current job, just because of all the stress it’s given me over the years. i love the actual 8-2 work; it’s all the outside crap that i hate–parents, administration, paperwork, phone calls. eesh. stress. once it gets to the point (and i admit, it might be happening rather quickly…) where all that other stuff outweighs the actual work part, i will just have to resign and find some other job because it just–as much as it pains me to say–won’t be worth it.

2. what was your best job? why?

ooo my best job. hmmm. that would be a tie. i loved my airport job. loved it! plus i was spoiled rotten by the workers there 😉 okay, they probably won’t spoil me now that i’m 20 years older, but it was a good environment with people i loved working with, and though there were stressful times, we were nicely compensated 🙂 well, i wasn’t, but the workers were, and that made the workplace a mighty nice place to be in 🙂

eta: whoops! forgot about the job it ties with! heeheehee. i loved my job as a research assistant at the university. LOVED it. i got to research in the cozy recesses of the library. i got to type up things on the computer. i got to translate books and transcribe tapes. all working at my own pace (though i often finished so quickly, they were scrambling to find work for me), and doing what i love best–learning. so this one i really loved the *content* of the job–the other one, i loved the people and the atmosphere 🙂 if only i could combine them!

3. are you looking for a new job now?

oh, i’ve been regularly looking for a new job since 4 years ago. in fact, 4 years ago, i was *actively* looking for a job! i was sending out resumes and everything! that was such a bad year. since then, i’ve seen things here and there, and i think to myself, hmmm, that’d be nice. i even applied to a couple, and went on interviews, but didn’t get hired. that’s why i’m kinda worried too that if it does come to a point where i need to leave (see question #1) then i don’t know if i’d be able to get another job! and bills do need to be paid. *sigh* so i guess i’m stuck in my job until i drop dead from the stress.

4. when did you get the job you have now? if you’re unemployed, how long have you been without a job?

i started the job i have now back in ’96, so i’m going on my 12th year. i had really wanted to move to maui at the time. my fiancee at the time and i were actually looking at homes earlier in the year in pa’ia, where there was a new development coming up, and the immersion school was not far away from there. we had put our names down on the list and everything. on my application, i had put my order of ranking at 1) maui 2) kaua’i 3) big island and 4) o’ahu. seriously. of course, the first one to call me was on o’ahu. now at the interview prep thing they make you attend they keep telling you that you cannot turn down interviews, because then you’ll be off “the list” and will have to fight your way to be put back on. so i agreed to go on the interview because i didn’t want to be taken off. i went, and got hired, or at least, offered employment. after talking it over with everyone, i began to get paranoid that what if that was my only offer? what if i decline and no one else calls me? i’ll be kicking myself! it was already mid-june, and i only had one call! so i accepted. i went back in a week later to sign my contract. the VERY NEXT DAY, i get a call from maui. ARRRRRGHHH. here i was, thinking that mid-june was late to hear from anyone else…but it was actually very early. i was still getting calls all throughout july, from all the islands! all of which i had to turn down because i had accepted the first one. grrr.

5. have you ever been fired from a job? what happened?

no, i haven’t. i’ve had my contract run out, with no funding to renew, but not actually told, sorry, you’re fired.

6. have you ever had a horrible, back-stabbing colleague?

yes. i’ve had quite a few. i even had one who had accused *me* of being the horrible, back-stabbing colleague, and she went around and told everyone. i had been wondering why i was getting the cold shoulder by a lot of people lately, when the principal asked to talk to me and said that this colleague had complained to her about me and that i had said this and this and this. i was shocked. luckily for me, the principal was shocked, too. she refused to believe my colleague! she told her she must’ve been mistaken, because there’s no way *i* would’ve done that 🙂 so after digging around, i found out that she had heard one of my students saying some not-so-nice things about her, and she concluded that it was *me* who planted those seeds of hate in to my students. seriously. she did nothing to hide her contempt from me, even shooting me down to my face (not behind my back), in front of others (“i feel sorry for the kids because they’ll miss out on good learning if you continue to be their teacher.”). she has sinced moved away, but she still comes back to visit now and then and will refuse to make eye contact with me. ah well. what can you do?

7. have you heard of or ever been involved in a an office scandal at your work?

would the above be considered a scandal? heeheehee. no, i haven’t. well, there was that strike. and then our classrooms were broken into a while back and the news cameras came to do interviews, but i declined (though above teacher did, and i worried she’d sneak in one of her backsided comments into her interviews).

8. what’s your dream job?

my dream job would have nothing to do with people! well, i mean, not have to do with customers. i don’t mind working with people, but it’s dealing with the complaining customers that i can’t deal with. i would love to be able to travel around in a band or something! more realistically, though, i’d be happy working in an office without much to do with the outside, just hanging out with nice coworkers and working at a leisurely pace. oh, and making a decent wage to pay for my mortgage and stuff 🙂 i know, i know. in my dreams 🙂 do the combination of my two favorite jobs and give me a decent pay, and i’ll be very, very happy! 😀


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