Posted by: malia | November 2, 2007

Friday5: Lifelines

If you were on a game show and could phone a friend for help, who would your lifelines be for sports, arts & music, literature, history and geography, and science?

For sports, it would definitely be my dad. For arts & music, hmmm. I don’t know anyone who’s really arty or musicky. It would depend on what kind of music. I think maybe my mom would have to do that one. For literature, it would definitely be my mom. For history, it’d be my grandma. She’s 83 but she can remember things like it happened yesterday. For geography, it’d have to be my uncle, although my son is getting pretty good in geography 😉 For Science, my lifeline would be exboyfriend the physicist (or even the one that’s an astromoner), though I doubt he’d (they’d) agree to be my lifeline!

When you need someone with muscles to help you with a task, who’s the first one you call?

I call my sister and hint until she says her husband can do it for me 😉

When you need some creative help with ideas for a project, who’s the first person you call?

Well, actually, I turn to Google first. Then I’ll go for crafty things to my sister, or for teachy things to my colleague.

When you have a moral dilemma and need advice, on whom do you rely most?

I rely the most on my mom for advice. She helps me out big time, to the point where I am convinced that I will just fall apart when she’s gone. I wouldn’t know what to do.

When you need to know the best way to get somewhere, which of your directionally-gifted friends do you call upon first?

I know more who I WOULDN’T call! I’m actually pretty good at this (my colleagues voted me to be the “navigator” when we went to Texas and I could tell them where to go just from remembering details and landmarks. They all want me to be their partner on the Amazing Race 😉 heehee). If I had to choose someone, hmmm, I guess I’d choose my cousin.

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