Posted by: malia | October 19, 2007

Friday5: Collections

What would be a good collective name for your family, as in “A _____ of Joneses?”

i think we’d be known as a “hush.” we’re all pretty quiet and keep to ourselves in outside situations. at the same time, we’re all pretty laid-back, too. now i can’t stop thinking of “there’s a kind of hush…all over the world tonight…”

What would be a good collective name for your closest group of friends?

i’d go with a “dash” of friends, because i have a bunch of busy friends who are always puttering around here and there trying to finish things and always seem to be doing something or another at one time. so they’re always “dashing” about, just bundles of energy and spirit type (i know, how’d i get into that group of friends?). i think commotion would be good, too. but dash could also be good for its other definition–small. i don’t have a large group of friends, just a few, a “dash” if you will, har, har.

What would be a good collective name for the stuff in your desk?

heehee, maybe this one would be commotion! hey, let’s keep with the 4-letter –sh words, and say “hash”! a hash of papers 😛

What would be a good collective name for your next-door neighbors?

darn, i can’t think of any –sh words. oh, maybe brash? heehee. though it’s not a fellow noun/verber. i will be nice and not use the word that’s a synonym for rubbish. i kinda wish it were posh, though 😉 unfortunately, i’m in the wrong neighborhood.

What would be a good collective name for the people in your line of work, as in “A _____ of accountants?”

heehee, keeping up with the –sh words, i’d say a bash of teachers, because we’re always abused and bashed by parents, but then it might make us sound like we’re the ones bashing. which we do, sometimes 😛 hmmm. a push of teachers? we’re always pushing our kids to do their best, and pushing the knowledge in our heads. we’re always pushing forward, we have that drive, that push, if you will, to do good, yet we’re pushed around from the admin. heeheehee, push sounds funny to me now, i said it too many times.

heehee, this is difficult. but hey if i can find a theme (–sh), i’ll make it work no matter what! 😛

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