Posted by: malia | October 12, 2007

Friday5: Lasts & Yearbook Awards

Friday5 for October 12: Lasts

What was the last thing you baked?

not including like fish sticks? hmmm. it’s been a while. i think it was the strawberry cheesecake thing i brought to my son’s baseball potluck.

What was the last thing you tried on for size?

gloves, i think. and safety goggles.

What was the last thing you purchased on credit?

*sigh* i am still regretting this, but i just ordered an iphone. i’ll probably change my mind and adore it as soon as i get it, but for now, i’m regretting.

What was the last thing you put a postage stamp on?

my mortgage bill. ugh.

What was the last thing you took a photo of?

i think it was the boat that nearly rammed me. oh, i also took a picture of my students for yearbook, but i can’t remember if that was before or after the boat thing.

Friday 5 for October 5: Yearbook Awards

Of the people in your life, who is Most Likely to Succeed?

hmmm. heh, i really don’t know. we’re all pretty much doomed. i think, though, that my niece *can* go pretty far. she just has to want it, and i’m not sure she would.

Of the people in your life, who has the Dreamiest Eyes?

the boy i crushed on as a teen has the dreamiest eyes, but i guess he’s not in my life. hmmm. all of my long-term exbfs had beautiful eyes, but they, too, are no longer in my life. is it too conceited to say my son?

Of the people in your life, who is the Cutest Couple?

i have some colleagues who are just the cutest things with each other, almost to the point that it’s nauseating. 😀

Of the people in your life, who is Most Changed?

a lot of people have changed as they got older. if i had to choose one, it’d be my cousin. he was quite a heartbreaker, going from girl to girl, cheating on every girlfriend he ever had, not really caring about the girls’ feelings, really a terrible guy. then in the past few years, he was *aching* to become a father. he finally got married and his wife totally “wear the pants” and just treats him horribly. he can only wear certain clothes that she approves, and she goes ballistic if he buys the wrong scent of soap. she totally runs every single detail of his life. she refused to have a child for several years, knowing how much he wanted one. they finally had a daughter, and everything my cousin suggests (even names!), his wife goes and does the *opposite*. she constantly runs off with her daughter to the mainland and leaves him alone, upset. and, well, his daughter just has him wrapped around her finger. so it’s just weird to see how much his life is just ruled by these two girls, when before, he had no respect for women. talk about payback.

as an aside, i still don’t get how these women can treat men so badly and yet be married (all of my cousins’ wives just treat them so terribly!), and those of us who would never do anything like that are still unmarried. what is wrong with men?!?!??! 😀

Of the people in your life, who is the Geekiest?

that’d probably be me. if not me, it’d be my uncle, who thinks he knows more than me 😛


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