Posted by: malia | September 28, 2007

Friday5: Stuffed

What is your favorite (toy) stuffed animal?

right now? ummm…i don’t know that i have one. when i was younger, i used to really like my bugs bunny doll. then i had a really soft, big unicorn doll i adored while i was a teen. i’m not sure about now? i have a few really cute seal dolls.

What do you think of stuffed animals as gifts?

i give them all the time. 😛 then they end up being given back to me, when the receiver is getting rid of stuff!

What do you do with a stuffed animal you don’t want?

i have a buddy center for the kids that i put these stuffed animals in. whenever it’s reading time, if the kids want a “buddy” they can read with a stuffed animal.

What are your thoughts on the whole Beanie Babies craze of the nineties?

i thought it was silly. my sister was WAY into it, though. she has tons of them, and now she doesn’t know what to do with them. she’s thinking of selling them all on ebay, but wow, she spent tons just to get them–now just to give it away, probably not nearly as much as she bought them for. but i remember when i went to texas i had to search high and low for a texas beanie baby bear for her, since you can only get them there (her plan was to collect one from each state–but so far, she only has texas and hawai’i). i made my travelling group go all over as i searched for the texas one. i finally found it on almost my last day there, at like the 25th store i went to. and now she wants to give it away!!!!!!!

How many stuffed animals do you own?

i have about 10 or so, right now. but i’ve had tons over the years. plus some in my class. but for those right in my bedroom…i have 10, maybe 12. my son has TONS, though. they can’t even fit in the bin and basket i bought for him! he sleeps on like a sliver of bed because of all the animals he has on his bed. :/

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