Posted by: malia | September 22, 2007

wacky meme

again, from here. catching up!

Do you have any known, proven haunted houses in your town?
i’m not sure?

When was the last time you cussed someone out?
i don’t cuss.

Women: Underwire or not?
i hate underwire. but i have to admit it gives a nice shape. but ouch! i won’t give up comfort for fashion.

Do you own a thong?
i think so. but i have no idea where it is and even if i did, it’s not like i’d wear it!

Would you rather spend money on war or on feeding the starving?

When your pants are too long for you, do you take them to a tailor to have them taken up, or do you just roll up the cuffs?
i don’t have pants that are too long for me.

Do you feel it is better to burn out than to fade away?
fade away.

i sound confident in that, but i have no idea what this means.

Do you think that everyone in the world is prejudiced in one way or another?
of course.

Do you feel uncomfortable sharing drinks with other people?
sharing drinks, like drinking out of the same cup?!?! or just like all sitting around chatting while drinking? i don’t drink anyway, but i don’t think i’d like someone to drink out of the same cup i’m drinking! if they want some, i’ll pour it into another cup for them.

Is black nail polish simply a color, or a statement of individuality?
a color.

Do you own any “granny” underwear?

Does your favorite movie have a male or female protagonist?
ummm…both, i think.

Do we only die because we accept death as an inevitability?

Is it embarrassing to buy pads/tampons?
i guess there’s a bit of embarrassment involved. but i’d be more embarrassed if my husband decided to tell the whole world on twitter.

Do you believe in vampires?
i suppose.

Do you or does anyone you know have gray eyes?
i had gray eyes until i was 2. then it turned brown.

Do you know how to whistle?

Are Hollywood movie types too skinny?

Did Romeo really love Juliet?
the romantic in me says yes. the cynicist in me says no.

Were the events of 9/11 more or less traumatic than the assassination of JFK?
i don’t know how traumatic the assassination of jfk was, so i couldn’t make a fair comparison.

Is it really so wrong to kiss your pet on the lips?

Do you think teenagers have an unjustified lack of respect for the police?
ummm…i don’t know. it’s part of growing up, to rebel against authority.

Do you think intelligent people are a minority?

Do you think there are a lot of differences between Americans and the British?

Do you think it is strange to see a woman who is a die-hard NASCAR fan?

Should indigo be a color of the rainbow?
isn’t it? can we kick it out if we don’t like it?!

Would you marry for fame?
maybe. depends what kind of fame.

Do you prefer wood floors or carpet?

Do you think animals are capable of deep thought?

Do you think most women are feminists these days?
feminist has a bad connotation now, but i think most aren’t.

Which are better: contacts or glasses?
glasses. i don’t think i could stand putting anything on my eyes.

Do you ever have the urge to pull out your hair?
no. i fret everytime i see the hair on my hairbrush! i won’t go *intentionally* pulling them out.

Does your computer attempt to eat your soul?

Do you care if people take offense to your entries?
hmmm. yes, probably.

Do you think Abercrombie & Fitch is over-priced?
i don’t know anything about them, so i can’t really answer this.

Are insane asylums more creepy or helpful?

Is it possible to hate a group to which you belong?

Do you think Disney World is a trap led by a mouse?
interesting. i don’t know.

Would you marry someone if they weren’t romantic?

Do you think it is right for religions to criticize other religions?

Do you think that crying is what makes us human?
no. turtles cry. elephants cry. monkeys probably cry. it’s not limited to homo sapiens.

When chewing gum, can you blow a bubble?
i think so. i haven’t chewed gum since i was a little kid.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
a few.

Do you have patience with children?
i think i have to.

Has anyone ever told you that you look like a whore?

Do you have a good luck charm?

Which is the better cartoon: Spongebob or Scooby Doo?
i don’t like either.

Men: Boxers or Briefs?
does that mean which do i like men in? or does that mean it’s a men-only question (like the underwire one above)?

When you sing, do you use your hands?

Is your best friend less than a year apart from your own age?

Are you a salt or sugar person?
hmmm. i go through cycles. sometimes i crave salt, other times i have to have sugar. i hope i’m more sweet than salty though 😉

Are you a noisy chewer?
i don’t think so.

Do you get annoyed when you see teenagers driving new, expensive cars?

Would you rather be in love, or have a lot of friends?
in love.

Is lunch the best part of school for you?
hmmm. i think vacation is the best part of school.

Was the Cheshire Cat secretly laughing at Alice and purposely misleading her subsequently allowing her to go to the queen to nearly get her head whacked off?
ummm…? maybe?

Do you remember when swearing was considerably wrong?
yes. i wish it still was.

Do you prefer questions about religion or politics?
neither. too much conflict.

Do you have a secret identity?
i guess?

Are crazy people a barrel of fun?
errrr…depends on your definition of “crazy.”

Do your friends make fun of your religion or your beliefs?
i don’t think so.

Would you ever date someone you used to babysit?

Are you a land lover or a water baby?
i love the water…but am too grossed out by it now.

Do you think that smoking should be banned from public places?

Do you feel that one day the clouds will part and it will be your time to shine?
heeheeheehee. no. if it did, i’d cower away from the light.

Which mountain range – the Appalachians or the Rockies?
i’ve not seen either, so i don’t know.

Is hiding the truth the same thing as telling a lie?

Do you feel pretty, witty, and gay right now?
oh sure. :/

Did you know the alphabet before you went to school?
i think so.

Does the concept of aliens and UFOs frighten you?
it’s interesting.

Can watching sports become a sickness?
i don’t know?

Do you think conservatives and liberals are becoming less tolerant of each other as time goes on?

Is Coca-Cola overrated?
i don’t know?

Do you know the Macarena?

Do you collect anything?
some stuffs.

Which is an uglier fashion trend: Ugg boots or ponchos/shawls?
i don’t know what uggs look like?

Do you like to go fishing?
no. i always feel sorry for the fish.


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