Posted by: malia | September 22, 2007

story of a day

okay last one for today! from here.

1. You wake up in the morning. What time is it, probably?
5:30 if it’s a work day, maybe 6:30-8:30 on a non-work day. 😉

2. You get yourself some breakfast. What do you make?
i rarely make breakfast. if i do, it’s like a hot pocket or something.

3. Someone calls you on the phone. Who do you want it to be?
just someone with good news.

4. You turn on the TV for a bit. What channel do you put it on?
it’s almost always on channel 8.

5. You have some time to kill before you have to leave. What do you do?
just sit on the couch and relax. go over what the day’s gonna be like in my head.

6. You go and have a shower. How long does it take you?
10-15 minutes.

7. You decide to get yourself ready for your day. How long does it take?
10-15 minutes.

8. You put on some makeup. What do you put on?
i don’t wear makeup.

9. You’re ready to leave. What do you take out with you?
my purse and whatever i worked on at home.

10. How long does it take you to get to work?
10-15 minutes.

The Day:

11. What is the first thing you do when you get to work?
check my mailbox, sign-in, and then off to the classroom, checking what i got in the mail that i have to do right away, and then i check my work email to see what i have to do right away.

12. Do you take part in office gossip/water cooler talk?
no, not really.

13. Anything particularly annoying about each work day?

14. What’s the best part of the day?

15. Do you usually leave on time or stay late? Take any work home with you?
this year, i’ve been leaving on time. but normally i stay late. i always take work home with me! it’s neverending!

The Perfect Day:

16. The boss calls to tell you that don’t have to work, and you’re free for a whole day. What do you do?
celebrate! 😀 probably go back to sleep and catch up on the zzzzs!

17. With whom would you want to spend the day?
my son.

18. You go to the store to get some snackage, but it turns out you can only buy one thing there. What do you buy?
snackage?!?! ummm…hard decision. i guess just a bottle of water; i need my water, if nothing else.

19. You’re walking down the street and you find a magic lamp that grants you 3 wishes. What do you wish for?
good health and a long life for my mom, the ability to transport myself and anyone i touch to wherever i want, and the ability to alway say the right thing to defuse any conflict (would be perfect for my job!).

20. You meet a man who says he will give you your dream job, what is it?
i could go on tour and be a backup singer/dancer 🙂 heeheeheehee.

21. You can choose any concert of any singer/band in the world; whose do you go to?
wow. i really wouldn’t know. let me think about this one.

22. You get home and there’s a check for $50,000 in the mail for you. On what would you spend it?
i’d pay off my mom’s bills so she doesn’t have to keep working in her frail condition.

23. You get to bring back anyone from the dead, famous or not. Who would it be?
ummm. i’d save this for later use.

24. You get to interview your favorite celebrity. Who is it, and what would you ask him/her?
well she’s not my favorite, but i’d like to just sit with britney spears and ask her what’s going on. be there to listen for her because i don’t think she has anyone around her to do that. or that’s the impression i get, anyway.

25. You get to see into the future but you can only find out one thing about your future life. What would you want to find out?
that my son is happy and healthy.

26. At the end of your perfect day, you go on a perfect date; describe it.
a good restaurant, then out for a drive, find an ice cream shop and have ice cream. drive to the beach and sit on the sand, watching the waves and the moon reflecting on the water. nice. 🙂


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