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catching up while waiting for a load of wash…

Friday 5 for August 17: After

What were your after-school hours usually like when you were in high school?

on wednesdays and fridays, i would catch the bus to the terminal right after school. my friends and i would sometimes stop at the bowling alley for a small snack, but most times just walk up bus stops and talk the whole way, like typical teenagers. then i’d jump on the bus and go home and do homework. yes, i was a good girl who did homework as soon as i got home. 🙂

on monday, tuesdays, and thursdays, i’d go to the library and do my homework (see? good girl!) and then at 3:30 on tuesday and 5:30 on mondays and thursdays, i’d head over to the gym for hula. i’d mostly want to do my homework before hula so i wouldn’t have to lug around the heavy textbooks 😛 it’s a long walk down to the gym! i could finish my homework then put my textbooks in my locker and walk down to the gym and be ready for hula 🙂 since monday & thursday was a longer wait, sometimes i hung out with my friends who dormed. then when they were all heading down to dinner at the dining hall, i’d walk with them, and then just keep on going down to the gym. my dad would come and pick me up on hula days, and then i’d go home. 🙂

What are the first moments like when you finally get home after a long day?

well, usually it’s putting something on the stove because i’m usually starving and so i have to start dinner quickly. then after that, i just veg on the couch while it’s cooking. just relaxing, unwinding, all that good stuff.

Where do your thoughts normally turn after the December/January holidays have passed?

i usually get very … morose. it’s such a letdown.

When did you last allow someone to cut in front of you in line?

oh i do this quite often. i don’t like shopping, and so if i go, i’ll get lots and lots of stuff at one time, so i don’t have to go again soon. then i feel bad when the person behind me only has like two items. so i will let them go ahead of me. so let’s see, i think the last time was about 3 weeks ago. which reminds me, i guess it’s time to go shopping again. *sigh*

What are you going to do right after you finish answering these questions?

well, if the wash is still not finished, i will finish reading my word wall book. or maybe play a game. 😛

Friday 5 for August 10: Extra Resources

You’ve always wished for it, and your wish has come true: There’s now a twenty-fifth hour in the day, but you have to spend it the same way every day on something you don’t have enough time for now, and it can’t be for sleep. How will you spend this extra hour every day?

okay, this sounds corny, but i’d spend it bonding with my son. now that he goes to a different school, and his day is very long, when we come home, he’s tired and just wants to go to bed. i’d use that extra hour to just spend time with him, reading, doing some sorta arty stuff…something.

oh, that sounds like such a bad mom move, huh? he’s tired and i’m making him spend another hour with me!

As if that weren’t enough, an extra day has been added to the calendar, and you can insert it anywhere you want, except the day immediately before or after a holiday, and you have to spend it the same way every year. How will you spend this extra day each year, and when on the calendar will it appear?

i would insert it at the end of april/beginning of may, around there. it’ll be get your sanity back day. maybe a trip to the beach or somewhere…away.

Someone is giving you an extra twenty dollars per week (or its equivalent, if your country uses a different monetary unit) to spend any way you want, but you have to spend it the same way every week, and it has to be on yourself (no charity or gift-giving, and no investing or saving!). How will you spend this extra twenty dollars per week?

i guess on food. we don’t get to eat out much, so it would be nice to eat out once a week. a treat, after a long week of school/work!

Wow! When you woke up this morning, you noticed that someone snuck in and added a new room to your living space! The room is for your exclusive use, and it can serve only one FUN function (and it can’t be used as a bedroom or storage). What fun activity will be reserved for this new room?

i’d love to have a dance studio. heeheehee! but not one with all those mirrors all around, but you know, like a dance studio. and have a nice stereo system in there and maybe even a nice tv so i could do the whole aerobic video thing. or even hook up all my game systems so i can play. okay, i just turned my active room to a couch potato room…

A magic backpack appears at your doorstep. It will hold any one thing you can normally carry by yourself, it will render that item weightless, and it will collapse to the size of a small pack of gum. What will you carry in it?

oh so many things to choose from–either all my books or maybe my computer? it’s already toteable but if it could collapse enough to fit in my pocket? awesome.

Friday 5 for August 3: Five Ws!

Who’s your favorite of the Looney Tunes characters?

okay, i used to love bugs bunny when i was little and used to bring along my bugs bunny doll wherever i went. but i don’t think he’s so cute any more. i went through a tweety phase only for clothing…i couldn’t stand tweety in the cartoons, though. he thinks he’s too cute, bleah. i would always feel bad for sylvester, even though i hated cats. i did like it though when the grandma would be chased and she’d do that little giggle thing. that was funny. pepe le pew and foghorn leghorn always made me laugh. but i guess now, if i had to choose one, i’d choose wile e. coyote. i always felt bad for him, and you gotta admit, he had some pretty creative ideas, even if they failed. but i love his persistence and how he keeps trying, regardless.

What have you done too much of lately?

stress. i can feel it taking its toll on me.

When did you last play cards?

well, i played a card game with my students, called “top-it” which is like war. but if you mean like real card games…i played go fish with my students a few weeks ago. 😛 i play rummy or hearts or texas holdem on the computer every once in a while, too. 🙂

Where were your keys the last time you couldn’t find them?

in my bag. *blush* it was in another bag that i had used to hold all my school stuff, which i brought in from the car to my mom’s house, so i could do my work while waiting for my son who was at school. i had left my normal bag the keys are in inside the house, because i just went to get that bag out of the car, and must’ve absentmindedly threw the keys in the school bag after locking up the car. then later on, when we were leaving to pick up my son from school, i grabbed my normal bag, and we walked to the car…and i couldn’t find my keys! i dumped everything out, retraced steps, went back to my mom’s house and searched all over. i finally found them in my school bag even though i could’ve sworn i didn’t put it there, and we were 10 minutes late picking up my son 😦

Why didn’t you do today everything you were supposed to?

well, the day just started, but if i don’t do everything i was supposed to do today, it’s probably because i’m playing friday 5 catchup! 😛

Friday 5 for July 27: Superlatives!

What are your nicest and ugliest articles of clothing?

hmmm…i have a nice black & white hawaiian print dress i like. my ugliest? probably some bright red and yellow hawaiian print dress i have 😛 from one of our performances.

What are your favorite and least-favorite things about the city/town you live in?

well, my favorite thing is slowly becoming my least-favorite. well not slowly, actually, it’s rather quick. i used to love that it was a town, but not really cityish. it had all the things necessary for convenience, but still didn’t feel like the cityish feeling of the downtown area i grew up in. however…that’s slowly fading. more and more are being built, and there’s more and more traffic, and more and more rude people, and more and more crime…*sigh* so my favorite thing is fading fast, and i sadly watch it turn into my least favorite thing about living here.

What were the longest and shortest durations of your romantic relationships?

longest was 4 years. shortest…errr. i plead the fifth.

Who are the oldest and youngest people in your family?

the oldest is … hmmm. i think it’s the wife of my great-grandfather. i think she’s still alive, at least. she was the 2nd wife of my great-grandfather so was not really liked by my dad’s family since he left my great-grandmother for her, so no one really knows what happened to her after my great-grandfather passed away a couple of years ago. she’d be in her 90s. if she is not alive…then it’d be my grandma, i guess, my mom’s mom, who is 84. you’d never know though, she looks younger (i’d guess 60s, if i didn’t know her) and still has a mind sharp as a tack. the youngest would be my cousin’s son, born just yesterday. awww. welcome to the world, little one!

Who are your neatest and messiest friends?

my neatest friend would have to be mel. my messiest…hmm. i don’t really know anyone messy. you’d think that’d rub off on me!

Friday 5 for July 20: Overdoing It

What’s overdue for a good cleaning?

the car. prior to the summer, i would’ve said my house 😉

What’s overdue for some kind of professional examination, service, maintenance, or upkeep?

prior to the summer, it would’ve been my car 😉 ummm…i guess my teeth. it’s been a while since i’ve gone to the dentist.

Who’s overdue for a phone call or letter to you?

a friend of mine who i just found out the other day had a baby, who’s turning 1 at the end of this month. i didn’t even know she had a baby! yikes. no wonder she was trying to find me last summer.

What’s overdue for an appearance in your neighborhood?

well we had the farm fair, and now we’re having sunset on the plains…not sure. maybe some good, nice, people, for a change.

Who’s overdue for a good comeuppance?

rude people. ALL of them.


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