Posted by: malia | June 22, 2007

Friday5: All Aboard

If you get the first choice of Monopoly tokens, which do you choose? If someone else chooses it first, which is your second choice?

i had to have the dog. if i couldn’t have the dog, i’d choose the thimble. not sure why, but that’s what i’d choose. and if the thimble was taken, i’d choose the iron, because i like how flat it was on the bottom. not because i like ironing! 😉

What’s a board game you are especially bad at?

hmmm i can’t think of any that i’m especially bad at. let’s see. tribond is sometimes hard for me; i just don’t see connections very easily.

What board game are you particularly good at?

i kill at win, lose, or draw (pictionary).

How competitive do you get while playing board games or party games?

somewhat. i mean, it’s nice to win, but i won’t fight fight fight to be the winning person. i’ll play to try to win, though. if i win, great! if i don’t, oh well. it would still be fun.

What’s your favorite board game? What’s a board game you can’t stand?

i guess it would be pictionary, because i’m good at it 😉 but i also like trivial pursuit. i can’t think of any that i can’t stand. i like board games and am always eager to try new ones.

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