Posted by: malia | June 15, 2007

Friday5: Fad to the Bone

What’s something you were into before it became popular?

lots of things! and then when they do become popular i tend to lose interest! 😛 i was on the atkins’ diet before it suddenly took off and you see all these carbless products on the shelves. i don’t do that any more. i was into knitting and crocheting and then a couple of years later, it took off (and i’m not meaning among the elderly type, this is with young people). my needles and yarn now just sit in the corner. i used to love to do cross-sums (now called kakuro), but now that they have whole books on it, eh. i was into muds and irc chats and all before the internet was as popular as it is now…well, i guess i was into the whole computer and internet thing before it was popular. now it seems everyone is blogging, or at least has an email address, and for about a couple of years now, you see lots of commercials and ads that have web addresses. but i guess i didn’t give that up. 😛 i was into the whole hawaiian language thing before the big explosion of ’93 when all of a sudden, it seemed like *everyone* wanted to take; before there were like only 2 times you could take hawn 101, either 730 in the morning, or 430 in the afternoon…then all of a sudden, there’s like 12 hawn101 classes. sheesh! well, okay, that’s not something i stopped once it became popular, but sometimes, i admit, i roll my eyes at these people who say they know hawaiian (especially on forums) and then tend to butcher it by just piecing together phrases they know, and it just doesn’t make sense. i hate to sound elitist but ugh.

What’s something you were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with, but now are totally into?

it took me forever to get a dvd player. i only got mine last year, even though they’ve been out for way longer than that and places like tower video and blockbuster changed over to dvds a long time ago. i still had my vcr. i remember about 4 years ago, when a new dvd player was being installed in the classroom, i remarked that wow, *i* don’t even have a dvd player, and you guys get one in the classroom. the whole class looked at me blankly, and one girl replied, i thought *everyone* had a dvd player. i was like, no, not everyone. all my students’ jaws dropped open and was like, wow, i don’t know anyone who doesn’t have one! but i liked my vcr because it could tape shows i couldn’t watch so i could watch it later, and a dvd player can’t do that (fine, tivo can, but like i can afford that!). but when my mom got a new one (yes, my *mom* had one before me), she gave me her old one, that was a dvd/vcr combo. so i could use the vcr side that i had always wanted. after that, i joined netflix, and wow! i love the shows that come out on dvd, especially when you get to see all the bloopers and extras and commentaries. that’s what i really like about the dvds now, all those behind the scenes stuff–sometimes even more than the actual show itself! ;P

What’s a current trend or fad you just don’t get?

lots of stuff the teens do nowadays. makes me feel old to think that way, though. i don’t know if it’s current, but i just don’t understand the studs going through the tongue. or eyebrow, or bellybutton, or lip, or stuff like that, but the tongue, especially. this probably isn’t as current either, but i didn’t like those words across the butt on the pants. especially on little 5-6 year olds, wearing pants that said “juicy” and “sexy” across the butts. that’s a bit too much. i don’t get text messaging at all, because i don’t have it, but i can see teens going away on their phones, typing out messages real fast. and i don’t like the shortcuts they use, either, butchering the language. (i’m such an old fuddy-duddy, huh? *sigh*) and don’t even get me started on sex among the preteens, sometimes in the classroom! and the need to video it on cellphones and posting it online. yikes. oh, and this one is not teens, but it could soon get to them–i don’t get the whole lifecasting thing. i don’t get how some people think they’re so important that other people would be so interested in seeing what they do. i know this will soon spread to the teens, as they have taken over places like myspace (another thing i don’t get) and posting up pictures and videos and webcams and all that… *sigh* where’s my cane?

If you could turn any current fondness of yours into a popular trend, what would it be?

staying at home! heeheehee! can you imagine how much less gas we’d use? and there won’t be so much traffic. ummmmm…i don’t know, i guess it would just be like certain tv shows, i wish were more popular, that more people watched them so there could be more discussion and the shows wouldn’t be in danger of cancellation and stuff like that.

What’s something that’s totally uncool that you love anyway?

me! har, har. look at all my rants above, i must be the total uncoolest, snobby being in the whole world. 😛

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