Posted by: malia | June 13, 2007

create a connection: it’s a bloggy, bloggy world

from here.

When did you begin your first blog and what inspired you to do so?

i began my “blog” january 2004, though i actually got it maybe a few days before the new year. i had been searching for a newsanchor i knew, because i wanted to find out if she was married. hawaiistories came up in google as a site where this person was mentioned. after reading through several posts, i noticed a little section where you could sign up as a member, and thought i’d like to be a member, so i could always visit the site and see what other types of “gossip” was being posted. i had no idea what a blog was when the site owner offered to set me up with one, but i said okay, because i liked writing, anyway. so i think my first post was around january 1, 2004, just to start off the new year. i’ve tried really hard to post at least once a month, but sometimes life was just too hectic to do so. or well, i was too depressed! heeheehee. but as i read more and more people’s blogs, and saw the kinds of things they wrote about, i begin to feel more comfortable and write about things that before, i wouldn’t have thought appropriate.

Do you have more than one blog? Why? How are they different?

i have two. my first one from hawaiistories was becoming too cluttered as i took off on the memes. i don’t know, memes were just so interesting to me, and it kept me writing, when sometimes i’d just stare at the “new post” page with writer’s block. the memes took over and soon you couldn’t find the “meat” of my blog, the actual postings from the heart. so i decided to split it, and move the memes over to a separate blog, and keep the actual journal part on hawaiistories. i actually wanted them both on hawaiistories, but was told that would be difficult to do, so i just opened an account with wordpress, and moved all the meme things here. 🙂 this one is used far more often, because, well, it’s easier for me to write when prompted with something. when it’s just something i have to write from my heart–i tend to blank out, and that’s why my other one tends to go barren for a loooooong time.

How would you characterize your blog?
Or something else?

ummmmm…my blog is a journal. nothing but personal writings, mostly grumblings 😉

To paraphrase Oprah, what is “one thing you know for sure” about blogging?

blogging is a great way to write things out; it’s almost theraputic. but you need to remember that unlike a diary which is usually for your eyes only…anyone can find and read a blog.

Is it important to you to get feedback in terms of comments or pings? Why or why not?

well, it’s not important, but it makes me feel good to see a comment that’s not spam, that someone actually took the time out to read and leave a bit of their thoughts or criticisms, or to ask a question. but if no one ever reads anyway, it wouldn’t hurt me. the writing’s mostly for me, really, but if it inspires someone else to stop and read and comment, then great!

What 3 blogs would you recommend to our readers and why?

well, hawaiistories has links to others’ blogs that i read a lot, as well as links to hawaiithreads and hawaiianswers. the rest of the blogs i read may not be all that interesting to some people! heeheehee. i usually like reading hawaiian stuff or teachers’ stuff or celebrity gossipy type stuff. 😛


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