Posted by: malia | June 9, 2007

would you?

Would You Survey

Would you eat a bug? not intentionally
Would you bungee jump? no, i’d be afraid of it snapping
Would you hang glide? maybe
Would you kill someone? no
Would you kiss someone of the same sex? doesn’t everybody here do that?
Would you parachute from a plane? maybe
Would you walk on hot coals? probably not
Would you be a vegitarian? i tried several times.
Would you instant message a stranger? i have.
Would you sing karaoke? i have.
Would you run a red light? shh. i have.
Would you shoplift? no.
Would you dye your hair blue? depends.
Would you be on survivor no.
Would you wear make-up in public? i guess?
Would you not wear make-up in public? yes.
Would you cheat on a test? depends.
Would you make someone cry? not intentionally.
Would you date someone more than 10 years older than you? i have.
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