Posted by: malia | June 9, 2007

Friday5: Catchup Part 2


Friday5 for May 25: Many Happy Returns

What was the last item you returned to a store?

it was probably clothes. other than that, i hate going to return things, even if i find things that are not up to par or as advertised. i guess i hate having to take it out on the customer service person. they have already heard enough! i remember one of the lunchables i had bought for my son did not even come with chips (it was the nacho version) but instead of taking it back to the store, i just emailed the company, and they gave me a coupon for another one 🙂 oh! i did have to take back a fan, now i remember. i put together the tower fan and could hear something jingling around inside it. it sounded very suspect. then i turned the fan on and it just rattled and made a horrible sound. that’s when i realized the motor thing was the thing that was jingling around in there. it was not set in properly. so i had to take it apart and tried to stuff it back into the box but it wouldn’t fit! argh! so i took it back and the c.s. person was nice about it, even though she was questioning how it could’ve broke. then she was wondering why the box couldn’t close and i had to show her that one part, once i snapped it into place, it couldn’t come apart again. she was like, oh, and laughed. she just tossed it to the side and told me to get another one. when i got it, i made sure i shook it good to hear if i could hear that jingling noise again. i didn’t. so she told me, okay, that’s it. thanks! and i was like wow? i took it home and it now cools me at night. 🙂 i think that was a year ago, though! because i think it was just about summertime, and i needed a new fan because the old one died. so it’s been a year 😛 other stuff, i just take as, well, buyer’s remorse, i guess.

What do you currently have in your possession that you need to return to its owner?

i don’t think i have anything. maybe a dish or something from my mom? other than that, i can’t think of anything else. which isn’t good if i DO have something from someone else! heehee.

What’s something you lent to someone that you’d really like back now?

well, i had lent my sister my video camera, that i really wanted back for may day, but didn’t want to drive all the way to her house to get it. she did give it back to me the other weekend, though.

Where’s a place you hope never to see again?

the hospital’s icu.

What’s your explanation for those wild stories about dogs and cats who get separated from their owners for years and finally make their way home, even at times finding their owners when the families have moved a long way away?

it’s like a sad, heartbreaking love story.

Friday5 for June 1: Sweet Somethings

What’s your favorite goody at your favorite bakery?

i guess it’d have to be cocoa puffs, though i know that’s a cliche answer around here. they are yummy, though.

Someone’s visiting from out of town and craves something sweet: Where do you take him or her for an experience he or she can’t get at home?

probably for said cocoa puffs. or beard papa. my exbeau that was from england, i took him to cinnabon. he was in heaven after sampling that cinnamony sugar goodness. yummm.

What’s your favorite order at your favorite ice creamery?

either cookies and cream or mint chocolate chip. or cookie dough. but lately though, if i make it to an ice cream shop, i go for the drinks–shakes and blizzards and stuff like that. mocha-flavored, or cookies & cream flavored.

Oh no! You forgot to save room for dessert! What dessert item on the menu will you order anyway, because you can’t resist?

i guess ice cream. or burnt creme. yum yum.

You’ve got a craving for sweets, but it’s so late at night that only the corner convenience store is open. What do you get?

i saw they had mint chocolate chip dibs the other day! i’d probably get that. yummy!

Friday5 for June 8: The Long and Short of It

What’s a favorite shortcut of yours?

well i don’t know if it’s actually shorter, but there’s a new road open in our town that i like to take because it’s less crowded. although now people are aware of it, and more and more are starting to use it 😦

i am always using keyboard shortcuts, too. people get mad at me when they are trying to figure out how to do something, and i’m like, i’ll do it, and i go with the keyboard shortcuts, and they are all like, wait, what did you do? wait! how did you do that? wait! 😀

What’s something you insist on doing the long way?

probably work. that’s why i get so behind.

What does your favorite pair of shorts look like?

they’re jeans shorts and very comfy. the edges are becoming unravelled from my wearing it all the time.

Excluding classical music, what’s the longest song in your iTunes?

it’s so cool how you can sort it by the length! i like resorting things by the different categories, just to see where things fall. yes, i’m weird.

my longest song is 18:49 but it’s a classical song, excerpts of Strauss’s “The Bat” (Die Fledermaus). the next one is 16:36, and it’s “Pump It” by Black-Eyed Peas. lots more classical, then coming in at 13:54 is a michael jackson medley by Rockapella. then the rest of my classical music until 7:08 with Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Any Place.” oh wait, at 9:18 there’s George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” but then the rest of that is all classical. i wonder what makes classical music so long? maybe that’s why i was so bored with it when i was younger. that, and there’s no words. and its lullaby-like nature. i guess. 😛 i’m sure though if i had aqualung, that’d be at the top. i just remember how long that song was when would watch mtv. about as long as the thriller movie video.

What’s the title of a short story you really like?

i like o. henry’s “The Gift of the Magi” and jacob’s “The Monkey’s Paw.” i’m sure there are others; i remember reading a bunch for a college course, however, i only remember what happened in the stories, not what the titles were.

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