Posted by: malia | April 22, 2007

favorite singer meme

Favorite Singer Meme

1. Pick a band or singer and answer only using song titles: well, not my favorite favorite, but i’ll pick janet jackson since i was just listening to her.

2. Are you male or female? “Doesn’t Really Matter”

3. Describe yourself: “Nasty”

4. Your best piece of advice: “Let’s Wait Awhile”

5. Describe your last relationship: “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

6. Describe your current crush / love: “Someone to Call My Lover”

7. Say something to your current crush / love: “If” 😉

8. Say something to an ex: “You Want This” HAHAHAHAHA

9. Say something to someone who hurt you severely: i would say “Any Time, Any Place”, but not for what is mentioned in the song. otherwise, i’d say “Scream”

10. How do you feel right now? “Alright” 🙂


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