Posted by: malia | March 23, 2007

Friday5: How’s It?

How’s your car running?

i think it’s okay. yikes, this reminds me that i have to go take it in for maintenance some time over the break. but so far, i guess it’s okay. it works, anyway.

How’s your blood pressure?

i have no idea. the last time i went to the doctor, it was high. but now that i’m on vacation and have been doing nothing but vegging out, i would think it was lower.

How’s work (or school)?

well it was good, seeing i was on vacation 🙂 i’m just dreading now that 1/2 my vacation is over. 😦

How’s 2007 so far?

hmm, i guess it’s been okay. a few disappointments, but some good things, as well. so far it’s alright.

How’s your hair?

i think it’s okay. not growing as fast as i want it to, though!!!

from friday5.


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