Posted by: malia | March 9, 2007

Friday5: Condiments

i could actually answer all these questions with “nothing” because that is how i prefer them, plain jane that i am. but i will keep the spirit of the questions and answer what i would put on, if i had to put something on… 🙂

What do you like on a hot dog?

i truly do like hot dogs plain, but will eat them with mustard. i will occassionally use ketchup and mustard. but what i have been doing lately is slitting the hot dog and adding in a wedge of dill pickle. YUM. though i can’t stand relish (way too sweet), i like the sour dill mixed in with a bite of hot dog (and no condiment).

What do you like on a hamburger?

i guess ketchup and mustard. blah on mayonaisse. ketchup and mustard are just fine with me. and although not condiments…i like cheese and jalapeno type peppers or yum, yum, mushrooms! ooo yummy.

What do you like on a baked potato?

i seriously can eat baked potatoes plain. but i get so many comments on how weird that is. so i’ll allow a little butter and sour cream. i also like cheese and broccoli baked potatoes. super yummy!

What do you like on a slice of toast?

i rarely eat toast. if i do, and i have to put a condiment on, it’ll probably be butter. i even tried some liliko’i butter recently, and it wasn’t bad. don’t really care for jellies, though that bright flurouscent pink jelly at liliha bakery is quite yummy. at one time i loved guava jelly, but don’t really care for it now. oh, and honey is nice, but only a small kiss.

What do you like in a cup of coffee or tea?

i drink neither. but i guess i’d infuriate coffee drinkers by drowning out that coffee with some sorta minty chocolate mixture to make a minty mocha type drink. but only so much that i do not taste coffee 😛


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