Posted by: malia | February 9, 2007

Friday5: Testing, Testing…

When you were a student, would you have been more likely to turn your test in first or last?

i don’t think i ever was last. but i never wanted to be first, either! if i did finish first, which i admit did quite a few times, i’d purposely wait and look over my test again and again until several other people turned theirs in…then i’d go and turn mine in. i was so sure that if i finished that quickly, and others didn’t, that i was missing *something*, so i would frantically recheck and recheck to make sure that i didn’t miss something or maybe a question i thought was too easy was really a trick question or …

Question 1 on a test can be narrowed down to either A or B (you’re sure it’s one or the other). Question 12 on the test can be narrowed down to the same two answers. You know one is A and the other is B. Do you go for the all-or-nothing guess (choosing A for one and B for the other) or do you play it safe and take one correct (choosing A for both questions)?

hmmm…not sure i understand…can each question only be different choices from the others? if only one can be an a and only one can be a b, then i’d probably go and choose both of one answer, ensuring i get one correct.

or does it mean that say, question 1 is about endosmosis and question 12 is about exosmosis and they both contain the exact same answer choices, so it’s gotta be the 2 choices that contain something about osmosis, which would be a and b, but i stupidly forgot which one went with endo- and which one went with ex-, in which case i should be kicked out of science class, but anyway, does it mean that?! i know one is for the ex- and one is for the endo- but i can’t remember which was which? okay. what i’d do is …and this is totally scientific 😉 …look over the rest of the multiple answer choices. if i see question 10, 11, and 13 are all “A”…then 12 can’t be “A” too. so i’d choose b for that one and a for the other. or i’d look for some sort of pattern in my answers, and choose that way. 🙂

you can see how i overanalyze questions that makes me freak out that i might not be answering a question thoroughly whenever i see i’m done and no one else is.

Are you more of a multiple-choicer, a true-falser, a fill-in-the-blanker, or a free-responder?

hmmm. i hated true-false because of sometimes the syntax would just confuse me. i’d hate when “not”s were stuck here and there changing the meaning of something i know is true. i mean, if it’s obviously true, then that’s easy, but when you know it’s obviously true so you stick in a “not” somewhere to make it false…but it’s not in the usual place a “not” would be…that would throw me off. i also didn’t like free-response because i never knew how much was enough, so i’d end up writing tons and tons of stuff to make sure that the teacher knows that i know it. even if that means i put in extra stuff. kinda like i’m doing now 😉 heehee. so yeah, hated those. i hate knowing that i could’ve answered it very simply and it would count as many points as the dissertations i’d write. i did enjoy fill-in-the-blanks (except when i knew the word and it didn’t fit with the semantics…that’d drive me nuts!), especially for vocab tests. but i guess all of that is the long way to say that i might pick multiple-choice as my favorite. sometimes when you’re unsure of the answer, something in the choices might jog your memory and you can choose that, rather than a free response one where the teacher will know if you’re 🙂

What are your thoughts on standardized college aptitude tests such as the SAT?

i don’t believe that it shows colleges anything except that you’re a good test taker, which should not be the whole point of being a good college student. i believe in multiple intelligences, and SATs just favor those who are visual and literal. it doesn’t show the well-rounded student, and there are very bright students who are just horrible test takers, and then they miss out on a good college education because they didn’t score high enough on their SATs. i also believe that it’s a bit slanted toward a particular type of race and sex, so … that is troublesome to me, too. yes, that’s the world we live in, but … i also think others should be given a chance who might not be as literate, but fantastic at something else.

In the past week, in what ways have you been tested?

the kids constantly test me, to see what they can get away with 😉

from Friday5.


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