Posted by: malia | February 2, 2007

Friday5: Parts

What’s your favorite part (to eat) of a chicken?

depends on the purpose…i love the thighs when eating like fried chicken or stir fry or something…
i like to snack on garlic & pepper wings…
i like chicken breast pulled apart over salad.
if i had to choose just one, it’d be the thighs–i keep bags of boneless skinless thighs in my freezer, good for katsu, stir-fry, casserole, char siu…

What’s your favorite cut of beef?

i don’t really know the different cuts…i guess because i always have to get the cheapest, chuck roast! 🙂 so i can’t tell by the taste or texture which part came from where. it’s just all yummy beef!

What’s your favorite cut of pork?

again, i don’t know the difference. pork butt is usually the cheapest! 🙂 but i like the loin chops, too. i like to get the boneless chops and use those in stir-fry as well, or just cooked with mounds of mushroom and cream of mushroom soup. yum!

What’s your favorite part of a Snickers bar?

i like the whole thing! heeheehee, i’m not very good at just picking one part in these things, am i? ummm…i guess it’s the nuts. i like the crunchiness. but i don’t feel the same way about other nutty-bars, so it’s the whole goodness that is a snickers that makes it yummy 🙂

What’s your favorite part of a pizza?

depends! (predictable, aren’t i?) i like the crust if it’s stuffed with sauce or cheese…they’re good to nibble on if you have garlic butter dipping sauce or marinara sauce to dip them in. i love the cheese as well. and i love the tomato sauce, especially in the middle where it tends to be more saucy. hmmmm. okay, i’ll pick the cheese 🙂 even though it makes the tummy grumble!

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