Posted by: malia | January 25, 2007

Friday5: Plantae

What’s your favorite flower?

i love pikake, for its fragrance. it’s such a delicate-looking flower, too (well not the double ones) but it has such a strong scent. the double ones are nice just singular, you can put them behind your ear and fragrance your hair that way, or you can clip them to your clothes and have that lovely smell underneath your nose the whole day. mmmmmm.

What’s your favorite cooking herb?

i guess it would be oregano, or basil. i have some oregano growing at my windowsill and it always smells so lovely. and i guess it reminds me of marinara which is a favorite. basil is also good fresh with some pasta and olive oil.

If you were struck by the sudden need to go for a walk in the woods, where would you go?

okay, different island, but i’d go to the big island and wander the ‘ohi’a forests, looking for the beautiful red lehua and the soft-grey liko. lots of happy memories in those forests when we would go for hula. now, i’d also probably keep my eyes open for some of the birds, since i’ve done research on them. i’d love to see them in person.

i also loved hiking on kaua’i. just beautiful. there’s one where you hike all the way up to a hula platform, and you can look out into the ocean. soooooo lovely. well, that part is not exactly “woods” but getting to it looks very woodsy. that’s another place i’d go.

What kind of tree would you be?

well, i’d love to be koa for its beautiful color and hardness…but i think koa is more male. plus it gets very tall and bold, and that’s not me. so i’d choose ‘ohi’a, which is just as hard, and was used for spears and things, but because of its blossoms, i think more feminine. though, i guess, its more for a fiery female, which is not me. maybe a bonsai is a better fit, with all the nips and tweaks it receives that stunt its growth.

When was the last time someone gave you flowers?

is that not counting flowers from kids? they are always bringing me flowers. i got a cupful from a former student just last week. when the pikake starts blooming, i’ll usually have from my students, past and present, who know i love them, and will give me one or two. but other than that…ummm…oh, for my birthday, my grade level colleagues got me some roses. that was a nice treat.

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