Posted by: malia | January 19, 2007

TGIF: Ka-ching!


If moolah were not an object…

1. … what computer would you buy?
easy. 🙂 though i love my computer that i have now, and am glad to have spent the extra $ on it (well, i’m still paying it off, actually!!!). in fact, maybe i’d just spring for a bigger hard drive, and still keep this one 🙂

2. … what cell phone would you want to have?
of course. can’t wait ’til june! (even though i probably won’t get one due to the price. but if i had the moolah…) 😀

3. … what vehicle would you own?
hmmm, i wouldn’t care–just something safe with a good mileage and warranty.

4. … which one designer would you get a whole new wardrobe from?
i really wouldn’t know. i’m not into designers. a few years ago, i’d have said mamo howell, but eh. not that much into that any more.

5. … what charity would you support for life?
anyone that supports children and education.


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