Posted by: malia | January 19, 2007

miss elainie

from here.

Why I would or wouldn’t like to …

1. Have an airline ticket to a romantic place.
i wouldn’t like it if i had only one ticket. i’d like to go to a romantic place with someone 😉

2. Drink Pina Coladas and get caught in the rain.
well, i don’t drink … but i did like the pina colada yogurt at tcby, that was yummy. and i love getting caught in the rain. i’m the type that does not dart for cover at the first raindrop.

3. Taste a lobster stew, with the surf by a window with an ocean view.
that would be absolutely wonderful.

4. Walk through a meadow, barefoot, early in the morning.
depends how early 😉

5. Get my motor running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure.
i’d rather stay home. if i had to go get my motor running, i’d want someone else to be the one driving.

6. Write love letters in the sand.
awwwwwww. who wouldn’t like that? well, i guess people who hate getting sand in their shoes and cars.

but i guess the meaning isn’t too happy. but then again, that describes love so perfectly. everything you write or profess will get washed away by the next wave of a pretty girl.

7. Watch the moon hiding in the desert sky.
that would be nice.

8. Gather lilacs in the spring and walk down an endless lane.
i don’t think i’d like an endless lane–i’d like to end up somewhere. and i’ve never seen lilacs before, so that’d be a first. i’d rather gather lilacs and then …

9. See the pyramids along the Nile.
i’d love to see this. i would just love to stare up at the awesomeness and wonder how much time and labor went into building it.

10. See April in Paris. See Chestnuts in blossom. Sit at a Holiday tables under the trees.
if paris is not too cold in april, yes, i’d like to go. i didn’t know chestnuts blossomed. that would be nice to see.


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