Posted by: malia | January 19, 2007

in 2006…

here again

In 2006 did you…..
1. Drink alcohol? no
2. Cry yourself to sleep? yes
3. Kiss someone? yes
4. Hook up? no
5. Move? no
6. Get in a car accident? no
7. Went out of the country? no
8. Drove for 3+ hours? no
9. Get a haircut? yes 😦
10. Attend a funeral? yes
11. Attend a wedding? no
12. Got dumped? no
13. Got asked out? no
14. Asked someone out? no
15. Dumped someone? no
16. Went to Disneyland? no
17. Went to a concert/show? no
18. Went to a museum? yes
19. Been to the hospital? yes
20. Got beat up? no
21. Smoked hookah? no?
22. Smoked weed? no
23. Went to the beach? no
24. Caught the flu? ummm…maybe? i can’t remember.
25. Do community service? no
26. Donate money? yes
27. Get in a big fight with your parents? no
28. Been to more than three parties? yes
29. Dyed your hair? yes
30. Wrote an essay? hmmm…i don’t think so.

Who is the person/people you were with the most? my son
What places did you hang out at the most? my house or my mom’s
What new things did you learn? lots!
Was there a particular day that was special to you? hmmm. can’t think of it?
What was your biggest regret? not helping out enough
What song would best describe 2006? i can’t think
What was the best movie of 2006? i didn’t see a movie that came out in 2006
What television show did you watch the most? probably whose line…
How many times did you go to Starbucks in 2006? maybe 2 or 3 times?
Do you feel 2006 went by too fast? sometimes


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