Posted by: malia | January 19, 2007

have you ever…

Have you ever…

failed a test? yes
gotten an F on your report card? no
gotten a D on your report card? no
had a crush on a teacher? yes
kissed someone of the opposite sex? yes
kissed someone of the same sex? yes, as a hello or goodbye. not romantically.
been hit on by someone a lot older than you? yes
been felt up? yes
felt someone else up? well, not up.
been grounded? yes
been drunk? no
been high? no
kissed someone without knowing their name? a kiss hello
given someone a lap dance? no
seen a member of the opposite sex (outside your family) naked? yes
slept over someone of the opposite sex’s house? yes
had someone of the opposite sex sleep over your house? yes
dated two people at the same time? no
had a crush on one of your best friends? no
dated one of your best friends? no
been married? no
been proposed to? yes
talked really badly behind one of your best friend’s backs? no
been told you look like a celebrity? no
cried while watching a reality show? all the time
cried while watching a soap opera? i don’t watch soap operas
been in a play? yes, for school
had a good part/lead in a play? no
flashed someone? no
been flashed? no
fallen asleep in class? no, though i remember wanting to.
played a full game of Monopoly? hmm…i don’t think so. unless you count on the computer.
had detention? no
been suspended? no
been expelled? no
attempted to commit suicide? no
been hospitalized? yes
kissed in the rain? yes
had a crush on someone who DID NOT LIKE YOU BACK for over a year? someone who didn’t like me back for over a year? or a crush for over a year?
been [in] a relationship that lasted more than a year? yes
thrown up in school? umm…i can’t remember if i ever did?
cried in school? yes
gone to school in your pajamas? no
made one of your parents cry? hmm…i don’t know? i don’t think so. not intentionally, anyway.
been sexually harassed? i guess it could be called that.
sexually harassed someone else? no
wanted to kill someone? no
told someone you wanted to kill them? no
had a stalker? well…
stalked someone else? no
avoided someone? yes
worn a band shirt without even knowing anything about the band? no
kissed someone way older than you? yes
kissed someone way younger than you? not romantically
sang loudly in public? no
been called a slut to your face? no
called someone else a slut to their face? no
felt better after confessing all your secrets to this survey? no? heeheehee


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