Posted by: malia | January 19, 2007


Fear survey

When was the most recent frightening experience you’ve had?:
i was frightened a while ago when i was having pains. i wasn’t sure what was happening.

Have you ever been close to dying?:
i don’t think so.

Does The Ring scare you?:
yes. if it’s possible to be scared of something you never saw…

What movies have scared you?:
i refuse to watch horror movies. but even something like the sixth sense would freak me out. again, if i saw it.

What things were you afraid of when you were a child?:
i was afraid of looking bad, making mistakes, failing. oh, and monsters, or at least, scary dreams. i was terrified of a house near my aunty’s, though i don’t know why. and of the parking lot across the street of my house.

Are you still afraid of any of those things?:
yes. welll, not monsters as in the furry, child-eating sense, but as in monsters who murder and rape.

Would you be able to enter yourself into the military?:

What animals scare you?:
anything that can hurt me.

Have you ever been caught in a natural disaster? (Earthquake, hurricane, flood, snow storm, tornado, volcano eruption, etc)
the recent earthquake was pretty frightening, though that was just a shake here–it’s not like things were falling down all around me. the 2 hurricanes i experienced were frightening only because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Has your house ever been robbed?:
luckily, no.

Has your house ever caught on fire?:
again, luckily, no.

Do you fear poverty?:
yes, i do.

Have you ever worried about running out of food or water?:

Do you fear for life-threatening diseases such as AIDS or cancer?:

i’m just a scaredy-cat, it seems!

Do you know anyone that has a life-threatening disease?:

Have you ever been seriously stalked?:
well, i don’t know how serious it was. but i was frightened when my ex started showing up around work and my neighborhood. he once showed up at my classroom and after being saved by a colleague, i escaped to the office and hid in the conference room. i was trembling. but i don’t think it was like … like how you hear celebrities being stalked. just like that one with the ex, and a few times i was followed home by creeps on the bus. eww.

Have you ever experienced a gun fire close to you?:

Have you ever been in a vehicle accident?:

Have you ever gotten chased or attacked by an animal?:
i don’t think so, but i often am in my dreams.

Have you ever been strangled, punched, kicked, hit, etc? (Not as a joke):

Have you ever used/considered using a weapon against someone in order to save yourself?:
i have considered it…but i don’t know if i’d ever have the courage to use it.

Have you ever been kidnapped?:

Has anyone you know been kidnapped?:
yes, my grandma.

Has anyone you know been murdered?:

Do you fear death?:

Do you fear ghosts/spirits?:
well…i get freaked out when hearing stories…but when i know there’s presences around, you just gotta respect them.

Do you believe in the Ouija board?:
not sure…i’ve never tried one.

Would you rather go through lots of physical pain or lots of mental pain?:
i think physical pain. physical pain goes away after a while, or you can take painkillers. i don’t think you can do that with mental pain. that stuff lingers.

Do you fear needles?:
no…but i don’t like watching it go in. but it’s more that it grosses me out, than i fear it.

Do you hate being alone?:
not really. but being truly alone, like everyone in my family has died? oh yes, that frightens me a lot.

What kind of things make you nervous?:
practically everything!

When are you most paranoid?:
when i know someone is upset at me.

Do you ever get super paranoid right after you watched a horror movie or anything else disturbing?:
i don’t watch horror movies…but if i was watching like, a crime documentary thing, then yes, that freaks me out, and i’m constantly checking that all the windows and doors are locked.

Have you looked behind you yet?:
heehee, since starting this, you mean? no.

What is the most disturbing/frightening/or just plain weird thing you have ever experienced?:
well i don’t know if it’s the *most*…but my first year in the portable, really weird things used to happen.

What scares you that hasn’t been mentioned on this survey?:
when my son’s sick, or i get bad news about my mom’s health.


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