Posted by: malia | January 19, 2007

2 random surveys


Are you easily amused or hard to humour?: easily amused, i guess.
Outgoing or no?: no
Are you at all competative?: heh. i don’t know what competative means.
Would you say you are emotional? Emotional in what way?: in what way?!?
Are you social or are you more of a loner?: loner
What does your favourite teddybear look like?: soft and worn.
Whats on your walls?: dirt.
Name 5 random things on your desk right now: paper, kleenex, wires, cds, twist ties
Do you have anything Disney in your room, if so, what?: i think i have a mickey mouse shirt somewhere.
Any thing black? If so, what?:clothes
What do you cherish the most in your room?: not including my child, when he’s in it? 😉
Name 5 random cds from your collection?keali’i reichel, bon jovi, bob marley, ricky martin, janet jackson
Do you have a dictionary? If so, do you ever use it? yes and yes.
Your favourite book: quite a few.
Last movie you watched: hmm. it’s been a while since i sat through a whole movie.
Last song you listened to: night music
Last person you spoke with online: em
Last comic you read: bento box
Last thing you bought: groceries
Last thing you ate: pizza
Last present you got, and from who[m]: a mug from my grandma
Rory Gilmore or Lorelai Gilmore: i like lorelai, she cracks me up. but i think i’m actually more like rory, except i don’t have handsome, rich boyfriends worshipping the ground i walk on.
Invasion or LOST: i’ve never seen invasion, but love LOST.
Blind Guardian or Dragonforce: i haven’t seen (?) either.
Interview with the Vampire or Queen of the Damned: ditto.
Winter or summer? summer
Pants or skirts: skirts
Frogs or snakes: eww. i guess frogs.
Beer or wine: neither.
Joey Tribbiani or Chandler Bing: chandler!
Halloween or Valentines Day: doesn’t matter
How do you feel?: okay.
You’re thinking about?: daniel pearl (law & order is doing a similar story)
What are you listening to?: law & order in the background
Close your eyes, move your head and open them. What are you looking at?: my monkeys.
What colour are your socks? i don’t wear socks.
Are you wearing any jewels? not right now.
Who do you think is the sexiest actor?: there’s quite a few.
Actress?: a few, too.
The best looking male musician: heh, quite a few.
Female musician: same
Which horrormovie villain would you be, and why?: freddy? we look similar.
What do you think about Mel Gibson?: nothing.
Do you like realityshows such as Newlyweds?: some.
Any not so known actors you like?: hmm, probably.
Do you have any weird habits?: yes.
Your favourite colour: blue
Does the lyrics of songs matter to you?: no, but it can help.
Do you have any obsessions? quite a few.
Ever been hit by a girl? do my sisters count?
What Lord of the Rings character do you prefer?: never saw them. i read the first one a long time ago, but i don’t remember a lot.
Any hobbies?: a few.
Ever made out with a boy?: yes
A girl?: no
A donkey?: ?
Any favourite animal characters in animated movies?: yes
What are you listening to right now?: it hasn’t changed since asked earlier.
What is your pet’s name, if you dont have a pet,what would it be if u had?: girl and boy.
Where would you like to live?: i like where i am.
Do you have anything on your hands right now?: no?


What side of the heart do you draw first?: hey! again?
What was for dinner last night? pizza.
Whats your favorite number? 7
How many chairs at the dining room table? again?
Do you like video games? love ’em!
Whats your favorite kind of gum? again?
Do you like to read? yes
Do you have a crush on anybody? again?
Do you like to sleep? yes
Do you like rap? some
Do you want a bright yellow ’06 mustang? hmmm.
How many sibillings do you have? 2
Would you rather swim in an ocean or a lake? hmm.
Do you wear a lot of black? hmmm.
Describe your hair hmmm.
Do you like drama? they’re okay, i guess.
Are you afraid to die? yes.
Are you an adult? *sigh*
Do you think you have a good handle on spelling? i think so.
Have you ever won a spelling bee? no, but never have been in one.
Are you a television addict? yes
Do you enjoy spending time with your mother? yes
Are you a sugar freak? hmm.
Actually, do you like orange juice? hmmm.
What sign are you? hmmm.
Where do you wish you were right now? hmmm.


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