Posted by: malia | January 14, 2007

Friday5: Thresholds & Resolutions

Yikes! I missed another one! Well, no excuse for not remembering it’s Friday any more…

Friday5: Not Another Resolutions Meme

What is one healthy food you really, really like?

i really, really love spinach, be it cooked or fresh. i like broccoli, too.

In what area of your life are you especially well-organized?

i always try to be organized–i start off wanting to be organized, any way. i think of a plan. have it all set in my head. i can even *see* myself doing it in my head! but i always begin…then abandon. *sigh* i guess it would have to be work, even though that’s a laugh. but you kinda have to be organized in my career, i guess. and my grade book is down to the standard, which is super-well-organized, as my colleagues say. (but again…i start it…but do i keep it up? shhhh…)

Who is someone you’ve managed to stay in touch with?

outside of family? i still have my old penpal from high school! or was it intermediate? one of my english classes, our teacher got us penpals from all around europe to write to. mine was from austria. we wrote to each other all throughout high school, and then the letters died down and i hadn’t heard from her in a while. i remember sending her a picture of myself decked out in full hula costume, that my dad had taken, to show her the things we wear when we dance. when i didn’t hear from her again, i thought i scared her off! heeheehee. but then, years later, i get an email from her! she said she had been searching for me (though my home address hadn’t changed, at least, my mom would’ve still gotten it. it just must’ve gotten misplaced). she finally “googled” me and up popped an old faq i had written in college. it still had my college email, which didn’t work any more, but through that faq, she found something else i had written and it had my home email address that i used back then–and still used at the time. she emailed me asking if it was me, and i was like OH MY GOSH!!!! so we kept up emailing–at the time i was pregnant so we talked a lot about that. but then i lost all my email when the system i was using was wiped out and i didn’t remember her address! so i couldn’t email her back with my new one. hmmm. i wonder if i can google her…i hope there’s record of her with her maiden name somewhere! she was about to be married when we lost touch. hmmm…

What bad habit were you able to break (or what vice were you able to give up), and what was it like going through that change?

okay, not really a bad habit…but i quit soda cold turkey. heehee! that sounds funny. i used to drink soda ALL the time. i HAD to have it with each meal. and i always had one in the afternoon, after school. always, always, always. i had case upon case of soda in my spare room. it got to the point where if i skipped one, like the morning one…i’d get a bad headache. caffeine withdrawals, i was told. but one day, i just quit. i prepared myself for what i thought would be a heck of a headache. but for some reason… nothing. almost like my body was thanking me? i hadn’t had a drop since then, going on … almost 7 years. and the funny thing is, i don’t miss it. well, once in a while, i’ll realllly crave a creme soda. but other than that…i’ve been fine. weird. 😛

Someone out there, whether you know it or not, wishes he or she were more like you in some way. What is it he or she most likely admires you for?

i don’t know anyone who’d wish they were *more* like me? less like me, not *more* like me. hmm. *ten minutes later…* oh, okay, i was told by a colleague that she wishes she could be more calm with her kids, because the kids then turn out calm themselves. 😛 but it might’ve been more of a reflection on the kids, not me. ah well, close enough.

Friday5: Thresholds

How high is your guilt threshold?

it’s not very high. i feel guilty about every single thing. hmm. i began to list the thoughts i have when i feel so guilty and realize how they all center around me! eeesh! big ol’ self-centered me. i gotta stop thinking about myself and start thinking of others. i’m so bad that way. 😦

How strong is your resistance to sweets?

it’s actually pretty strong. i do love ice cream…but can hold off. i like chocolate, but i’m not one of those that has to have it. i usually go through potlucks and dinners without taking any dessert. something may look verrrrrry tempting–but i can usually step back and refuse.

How long is your fuse?

i’m a pretty patient person. i get irritated, but rarely explode.

What is the quickest way to get you hot (you know what we mean!)?

i could never be hot, not in my wildest dreams.

How sensitive are you to ambient noise?

not very. i grew up in town! with my window facing a street! lots of sirens, people walking by, people yelling at each other, dogs barking, pigs grunting, cars honking at each other, crashes… in fact, when i first moved into my home by myself–i couldn’t sleep it was too darn quiet! the place was less than 50% occupied so it was verrrry quiet–and i’m away from the street, and even then, the street rarely gets any traffic. once in a while you’d hear a dog bark, but that’s it. it was too quiet! i had to go to sleep that first night with the radio on, just so i’d have some noise in the background. i still do that today–i have the radio or the tv on in the background always, just to have some noise around. otherwise the lack of noise drives me nuts. so um. yeah. not very sensitive at all. 😛



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